Get unstuck. Go further.

Not your college power hour. (although BYOB is highly encouraged)

Get customized support + action steps to move your business forward.

In this session, you and I will work together to uncover the obstacles getting in the way of your growth and strategize your next best steps.

Ask me anything. Things like:

  • How to (finally) identify your ideal customer
  • What tf to share on Stories these days
  • How to adjust your product mix to get more sales
  • What to actually say to your email list
  • How to get more repeat customers
  • Anything marketing, sales, or product strategy,
    what’s on your mind?


  • Once you book your call, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to submit 48hrs in advance of meeting
  • Following the session, you’ll receive a detailed summary of our discussion and clear next steps to move your business forward
  • A video recording of the session will be sent to you via email so you can re-watch as you need

Note: The more specific the roadblock or goal you share, the more progress you’ll make. This call is led by your questions and goals.


If you don’t know which next step is best for you, reach out to me on Instagram or email at kate@theshopfiles.com.

Let me know where you are at on your business journey and your current goals, and we’ll come up with a plan together to get you to your next level.