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the Intensive

You work hard while wearing the 17 hats in your business, it’s time to get expert eyes on your business to lighten the load.

We believe you could (and should!) be making more money, without doing the *most* and we’ve seen time and time again how simple shifts have massive impact.

During this two week sprint, we’ll analyze what’s working & not working within your current strategies and lighten your load with direct and detailed support; so you leave feeling confident in your next steps with a clear action plan for implementation.

Ready to move your business forward?

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what we can accomplish:

  • Map out your ideal customer buyer journey
  • Identify profit + pricing opportunities within assortment
  • Build a high converting welcome series
  • Map out a yearly email strategy
  • Create a revenue plan for repeat customers
  • Get detailed feedback on marketing assets
  • Audit current marketing strategy platform
If you were able to make shifts and see revenue increase by 5-20% as a direct result, what would that mean for your business?


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Here's what happens next:


Complete your purchase for an Intensive. You’ll receive an email to select your call times. We kickoff each intensive with a Business Review, to be completed 72hrs prior to your call.


  • Kickoff session (90 mins)
  • Customized plan of action based on your goals
  • Follow up session (45 mins)
  • Two weeks of Slack support


With two weeks of Slack + direct access to Kate, you will have daily support as you implement and to connect between calls, as you implement the customized action plan to reach your goals.

Plus clear action items, video recording, and an execution checklist to help you hit the ground running.


from past clients

This was such a positive experience for me, I'm excited to keep going
Thanks so much again for all your help Kate! This was such a positive experience for me and I’m excited to keep going and see how things unfold. You’re great at what you do and people like me need people like you - I can’t wait to see you keep thriving and helping more business owners.❤️
I cannot tell you how much this has already changed the way I'm thinking...
I cannot tell you how much this 1:1 with Kate has already changed the way I'm thinking about what I share [on Instagram]. The people I get to connect with are why I love doing all of this."
I've spent thousands, and nobody really explains product marketing the way Kate does
I've spent thousands on courses over the years (honestly, probably an embarrassing amount!), but nobody really explains product marketing the way Kate does. They just don't *get* it, Kate does.
Those last 2 reels actually did really well too
Thank you!! Those last 2 reels actually did really well too - lots of comments. Clearly people feeling like they connected to them so that was super cool.


You have order notifications coming in. You KNOW your product is amazing. The customer reviews are 5-star popping. However when it comes to growth, you feel less certain on your next move.

There’s like 10000 strategies shoved in your face each day as you casually browse instagram for face cream. And honestly some days it’s making you question this whole being a business owner thing as it seems everyone else is more equipped.

And here’s the thing — you’re not alone. Marketing holds a lot of businesses back. You’re either so close to your brand you can’t see the pure fking brilliance of yourself OR you can’t see what your customer wants (needs) to hear. And on top of all that you have to have the skills to make tiny adjustments to what your audience is telling you (a not so tiny ask if you’re not a marketer).

You’re wildly capable as the expert of your business, and you just may be missing the marketing expertise, coaching, and outside perspective that empowers you to step back and see the bigger picture so you don’t miss out on the sales opportunities in front of you.

That’s why you’re here. Where brilliant business owners (you) meet a product marketer (hey hi) for profitable results… plus coffee and cocktails if you’re into that.

wanna grab a seat?

Together, we’ll maximize what’s working, identify shifts you need to make, and outline action steps so you can reach your goals with ease.

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Great question! This is based on your specific goals, so content can absolutely be your main focus.
However, if you’re looking to increase sales and community specifically through content, and want a streamlined plan and creation process so you get better results without spending more time, the Content Breakthrough would be a better fit.

This is for the product brand owner who is either handling it all or has a small hardworking team.


  • you’re showing up consistently and want to create better results
  • you have platforms/email list that feel neglected and you want to get back on track
  • your sales have been trending up and you want to get ahead of a big growth season
  • you know your marketing could be more impactful, but you’re not sure what changes to make to create more sales


  • you aren’t prepared to collaborate or provide feedback
  • you’re looking for an overnight quick fix