3 Ways to Increase Sales With a Small Audience


3 Ways to Increase Sales With a Small Audience

Let’s clear up one thing right away: having a small audience is a simple fact, that means nothing about you or the potential of your business. It is NOT your identity.

In fact, since I see the inside of so many businesses, I can confidently tell you what you can see on the surface is also not the whole picture. There’s big audiences finding it difficult to convert. And small audiences easily bringing in multiple 6-figures.

So if you’ve felt like your audience is the thing holding you back from making the sales you want, let’s shift that mindset today and set you up for success.

Here’s three things to avoid & exactly what I would focus on if I had a small audience

01. I wouldn’t try to be the cheapest or the most affordable

Instead I’d focus on delivering a quality product and creating a customer experience that aligns with my pricing.

As a founder running solo or with a small team, it’s easier to manage your capacity to produce & ship 200 products at $50, than 500 products at $20. Same revenue, drastically different time & energy spent to produce, pack, and ship.

When you focus on building a brand beyond your products, highlighting your unfair advantage, and getting crystal clear on your ideal customer, they will feel so damn seen your brand becomes the obvious choice and price becomes less relevant.

02. I wouldn’t constantly add new products to increase sales.

Instead I’d focus on adding product that complement my best sellers to create cross-sell and repeat sales opportunities.

It’s simply EASIER to market a streamlined product assortment that naturally goes together and serves one ideal customer. andddd it’s more profitable to sell to existing customers that to earn new.

When you structure your assortment for repeat buyers first, you’ll have more freedom to experiment with product ideas later (and sustainably expand !)

***and ps. because I’m a fan of nuance: for some business models new products ARE a good move (think artist-driven or seasonal collections, fashion brands, etc) and you can do that without confusing customers

03. I wouldn’t wait to grow ‘big enough’ to start an email list or sell daily.

Instead I’d focus on serving the people I have and setting up strong foundations for growth.

Imagine that reel does go viral and you feel confident and ready knowing that you will actually convert those eyes into sales, not just get likes. When you have an active email list & are selling daily, you will have a system that captures & converts those new hot leads.

Don’t be caught with your pants down, ya know?

Go out and make the most of the ‘small’ audience you have today, AND set yourself for success tomorrow.



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