the final months of the year go quick...

discover how to capture more sales during the holidays. (no ick required)

the Holiday Playbook

The step-by-step guide to planning, prepping, & promoting your business during Q4 so you can make more sales & profit without the guesswork.

The holiday shoppers are out there. Ready to get in front them in?

The Holiday Playbook

the step-by-step guide to plan, prep, & promote your business during Q4 

so you can make more sales & profit without the guesswork

what if you could...

capture more sales this holiday season

without having to…

… give away endless unprofitable discounts to convert buyers

… feel like your sales are dependent on the algorithm

… miss out on tons of time with family & friends

… sell in a way that feels pushy or inauthentic to your brand

… bring in lots of holiday-themed products that can become an inventory risk

Inside the Holiday Playbook, I'm sharing the exact strategies & insights I learned managing million dollar product departments during my 10+ years in the industry so that you can cut through the noise

and you’ll wanna know how to stand out because…

Customers are out, looking for you.

*wallets open, ready to buy*

Holiday shoppers are active. They have a list of people to shop for, holiday events to prepare for, and their own goals to complete before the end of year.

And while that means there’s a ton of opportunity for product brands…

it also brings new challenges:

  • Organic reach becomes less reliable, as big brands pour big dollars into social ads
  • Marketing gets noisy with the increased competition, making discounts sometimes feel like the only option
  • Capacity can quickly max out with the larger influx of orders, causing tasks to slip through the cracks or costing you time with family

But here’s the good news — you don’t have to just accept ‘it is what it is’

What if you could surpass your sales goals without having to blast your audience with endless discounts that lower your profits, give over control to an algorithm, or spend time on tasks that don’t move the needle?

What if there’s a way to get ahead this holiday season?

Imagine if you could…

  • Make more sales without stressing over organic reach because you’ve become less reliant on the algorithm alone

  • Expertly position products to attract holiday shoppers & craft irresistible offers that cut through the noise so customers convert without crazy discounts

  • Finally feel calm & in control of your sales while getting to spend more time with family and friends


It gives you the shortcut to more sales & profit, so you can stay ahead of the competitive Q4 holiday season and get back your time for more important things.

*Hellllo snuggling under blankets, watching holiday movies, sipping wine, and fa-la-la-la-la-ing with family & friends over cookies as the orders roll in.*

ready to capture more holiday sales without the guesswork?

Discover the 5-step process to maximize Q4 holiday sales without the guesswork, endless discounts, or being dependent on an algorithm


The Holiday Playbook

The step-by-step guide to plan, prep, and promote your business for a wildly successful & profitable holiday season.

With The Holiday Playbook, you will be able to:

🎄 Stop feeling like a broken record and sell with confidence in a way that genuinely connects with customers

🎄 Uncover how to position your products to attract buyers so you can cut through the noise & capture the attention of holiday shoppers

🎄 Finally feel at ease and in control of your sales with our proven 4-phase promo framework that builds anticipation & momentum

🎄 Add more buyers to your email list before your biggest events so that you can make more sales without relying on the algorithm

🎄 Swipe done-for-you marketing calendars & timelines, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on sales opportunities

🎄 Capture additional sales with easy website & systems updates that can add thousands to your bottom line now & into the new year

Want to get started?

from past members

you are a GEM and this holiday playbook is GOLD!
Okay you are a GEM and this holiday playbook is GOLD! ...It's everything I've needed and been wanting to learn about setting myself up successfully for holiday as a small business. I went from feeling totally crappy about this holiday to pulling myself together courtesy of you. I feel more in control of my sales now!
Just had my highest one-day sales numbers YET
Went through the Playbook again, and just had my highest one-day sales numbers YET because I got an early start on promotion and kept up the momentum, just like you said!
Earned back my investment BEFORE my sale started
Thankful for HPP! Earned back my investment & then some BEFORE my sale started! 🎉
Sold half right off the bat!
Sold half right off the bat so I'm very excited! Since they're ornaments, I'm hoping they will sell out as more people turn to decorating
First time selling out!
Your holiday playbook is AMAZING!!! I implemented it for a recent launch and sold out! First time selling out! I've used it for my next launch too.. thank you!!
Had my biggest sales day yesterday!
Had my biggest sales day yesterday with the release of my new scents! I was prepared thanks to you!
Transformed my holiday content planning
Your holiday playbook transformed my holiday content planning last year! Very excited to see the new updates
Crushed my two day sales goal in 5 HOURS
Happy to report that I crushed my two day sals goal in 5 HOURS
I feel confident going into this week
That little detail alone [from the playbook] is so smart! I'm updating my offer for Black Friday and feel confident going into this coming week!
already jumping for joy that I have content ideas again
I got your holiday prompts and am already jumping for joy that I have ideas of wtf to talk about again! You're a game-changer lady.
It gave me confidence that it's OKAY TO SELL
I loved hearing your explanation of things and being walked through the system - plus It gave me confidence that it's OKAY TO SELL. I haven't had this many comments on a post in a while, and with a launch coming up this week all the engagement is even more exciting.

no more settling for the holiday overwhelm

it’s time to take back control of your sales & fly into the new year

picture this...

  • you had you first sold out launch and now have an easy rinse & repeat process
  • you hit your highest one-day sales because you know how to keep up momentum
  • you’re genuinely connecting with customers & selling in a way that feels good for you (and them)
  • you feel cool, calm, and in control of your sales, freak outs are a thing of the past
  • you got time back to spend with your family instead of worrying about your to-do list
  • you’re consistently marketing and it feels fun instead of draining because you know what to say
  • you’re seeing better results from content that you would’ve spent time creating anyway

Ready to capture attention and convert more sales this holiday season?

want to take a peek inside?

the holiday playbook 5-step process:

Step One: Plan the Big Picture

The reality is you're going to spend time doing work either way -- this ensures you do the work that gets the best return. When you're zoomed out, you can spot opportunities so you don't miss out on sales, identify new product opportunities, and position existing to attract holiday shoppers

Step Two: Prioritize Owned Channels

​Your list is your most valuable asset for competing with bigger brands. It's a *neutral* ground for all brands, big & small.

Learn key adjustments & ways to grow, optimize, and nurture your email list so you can show up alongside all the big players and worry less about what the algorithm is doing

Step Three: Prep Profitable Promotions

THE backbone of the program. Selling isn't just what happens when you ask for the sale or run a promotion. It's the whole process leading up to & after that ask so that 'selling' simply becomes an invitation to take action -- and that's exactly what you'll get when you apply the framework.

Step Four: Optimize Back End Systems

Set up simple systems to automatically capture & recover sales from the traffic you're getting, so your marketing efforts don't go to waste

And get your time back with streamlined business operations in customer service, shipping & fulfillment, and website updates with easy to follow action plans and task lists that keep priorities in check

Step Five: Leverage Automations During Q5

Q5 is that weird time between Christmas & New Years when no one knows which way is up, lol.

While you're kicking back, taking time off, and celebrating an amazing year... let automations & systems work for you behind the scenes

BONUS: Holiday Content Bank

With these not-your-cookie-cutter prompts, you'll never run out of things to say. No matter how busy you get, you'll have a go-to list, broken out by category to give you peace of mind & a consistent online presence.

You'll also get 24 nurture email ideas, 70 subject lines, and 15 CTAs

how would it feel to show up and see sales roll in?

this season could send you flying into the new year…

You've worked too hard this year
to not end it with a bang


A detailed playbook that walks you through the exact 5-step process for creating profitable promotions & streamlined systems so that you can maximize revenue without exclusively relying on discounts or an algorithm

  • Templates, Tools, and Worksheets to streamline plans into actionable steps that eliminate guesswork and help get time back so you can enjoy this season with your family
  • Plug & Play Marketing Framework so you can easily get promotions up and running, with simple checklists & done-for-you calendar examples of what to say & when across your feed, stories, and email
  • Holiday Promo Playbook workbook to tap into why consumers buy with specific brainstorm questions to each phase, so you can uncover exactly what your brand needs to communicate, and when, for higher conversions

Oh, and let’s not forget the BONUS…
Holiday Content Bank: Over 50 Prompts, 70 Subject Lines, and 15 CTAs that captivate & convert so you can promote your business without worrying about what to say

imagine what would change if your business got results like these…

see what other shop owners had to say:

ready to begin?

let's do this!

Grab your Holiday Playbook

  • One payment for lifetime access, including all future update!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusively for Product Businesses based on my 10+ years in the industry. You won’t have to second guess how to apply service-based or generic strategies here.

Once you purchase you’ll get instant access to the full playbook! You’ll receive an email with login access to your dashboard; which hosts the workbook, lessons & all done-for-you resources and templates.

It’s a self-paced program. You can binge and start putting into action the same day!

It is a self-study program, so there is no direct access to Kate. But you can upgrade to VIP for customized 1:1 support on your strategy, at an exclusive rate to HPP members.

Great question! Yes, the Holiday Playbook will help you uncover what’s important to your audience, not push any particular message.

If your products don’t naturally lend themselves to the holidays, it’s even more important that you have conversations with your customers so that you can position your product with what they’re looking for.

It ALSO takes specific Q4/holiday related issues & consumer behaviors into account so you maximize this time of year where there are a lot of overlapping events, promotions, and hard ‘shopping deadlines’.

Whether it’s with the Playbook or not, absolutely do not wait.

There’s no better time to maximize sales then during the holidays when consumers are already actively seeking out new brands and products. And having a proven framework will help you do that. Don’t sleep on your own business!

With that being said, while the strategies are not dependent on having an email list I’m going to serve it to you straight and say — START AN EMAIL LIST 🙂

The Holiday Playbook will also help you grow your email list with interested customers, not just random subscribers.

**There’s a section inside that covers how to set up an email list, ways to grow your list, and you can swipe the ideas & subject lines so you can get up and running quickly.

It’s difficult to answer without knowing your business, so let me ask you this:

If you followed your same plan from last year, would you reach your goals this year?
And if not, do you know what to review & look for to identify ways to grow your sales, protect your profits, and reduce inventory risk?

If you’re not sure, the Holiday Playbook is here to offer new perspectives, insights, and strategies you can layer on so that your sales & profits grow year over year.


Drop me a message @theshopfiles, happy to chat!

my street cred


i’m kate. retail buyer turned product marketing consultant

As a small shop, I believe you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… and there’s no better time to level the playing field than the competitive Q4 season.

I started my 10+ year career in the buying/planning offices for a department store where for over 3 years I managed the single largest Black Friday sales item across the entire company. And I saw first-hand that the math doesn’t always add up to profit. 

Which is why within our core assortment, I implemented a new marketing strategy that increased sales by 70% within a multi-million category — all while using fewer discounts.

I’ve since helped hundreds of students & clients grow their business with marketing strategies that fit their brand values; and more importantly – their lifestyle.

Obsessed with using strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods that put more money in your pocket and help you show up online with confidence.

If you want marketing that gets results, not just views —
heyyy hi hello, you’re in the right place 🙂

now's your time.

What if...

You decided to go all in this holiday season. If you committed to showing up and confidently selling now through December. What could be different in your life & business in the new year?

The opportunities during the holiday season are truly endless. I’ve seen so many different products take off during this time of year and I can tell you (from experience) that having strong promotions can have a huge snowball effect heading into the new year. It’s time you get your piece of the pie, don’t ya think?

Don't miss out on the biggest
sales opportunity of the year.