Get More Link Clicks on Instagram Stories


Get More Link Clicks on Instagram Stories

You’ll make a lot more sales when people stop mindlessly tapping through Stories.

The reason your Story links aren’t getting clicks is because there’s nothing to stop their tap-tap-tap first.

And this isn’t specific to you. It’s just *how* people use Stories. Let’s face it — people are watching Stories on autopilot, mindlessly tapping through, while laying horizontal on a couch simultaneously watching their fav tv show.

Before you toss out that link, you gotta capture ATTENTION first.

In order to jolt them out of that tap-tap-tap habit, you need to grab their attention by knowing what THEY ultimately want, are thinking about, looking for, and how’d they describe it…

Otherwise you’re just tossing out product links to an audience that’s been trained to keep passively tapping through ✌🏼

When framing up Instagram Story links, think first about what they want — how can you can position that ideal outcome or connect over the problem they’re facing, then position your product as the thing that gets them there.

If you want to start making more consistent sales, start selling in a way that grabs attention first.

If you want to:
💘 Create true community fans that support your brand
💘 Know how to actually sell your products & get paid
💘 Cut your IG story time down to <15 minutes a day

The Serve & Sell stories challenge will help you do exactly that. It’s exclusivelyyy for you as a product based business, and there’s definitely no generic “show your workspace”. You’ll get 14 days of simple yet detailed proven sales prompts to convert viewers into customers.

Other shop owners are already seeing results like following one prompt > getting orders immediately after, finally moving a slow seller, & feeling less overwhelmed by what to say.


Post Stories, Make Sales

The 14-day Stories Challenge to create more consistent sales

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