Is a Flash Sale Worth It?


Is a Flash Sale Worth It?

So you wanna bring in some extra revenue this month… maybe sales have suddenly plateaued or you’re not quite on track to hit your goals ?

This is what a recent client of mine was experiencing and before working with me, it was always suggested they run a 24hr flash sale…

Which I totally get the appeal:
✨a quick cash injection?
✨a super short selling period?
✨ a story slide & an email?


So, she tried a flash sale.

Only to end up feeling even MORE confused and defeated. bc now sales weren’t just stagnant… but as she said “that’s proof no one else wants to buy from me” Um nope! NOTTT at all true…

The problem wasn’t her – it was the flash sales strategy that didn’t address (or even know ?) the underlying sales problem.

THE TRUTH IS — a flash sale is GREAT when you have:

1) top of mind brand awareness & product familiarity
2) a warm audience of fence sitters
3) built-in trust and credibility
4) a clear offer and/or purpose behind the promo

Which is why if sales have suddenly plateaued or your audience has gone cold… a 24hr quick hit it & quit it sale isn’t gonna do anything to boost brand awareness, warm up your audience, or build trust.

If that’s you, and you’ve thought about running a flash sales or have been curious what to do if you tried one & it didn’t work… here’s what I’d recommend instead…

Go back to the basics that actually lead to sales:

  • Know what gets your ideal customers attention
  • What they actually want, as an outcome of your product
  • What makes them feel connected to a brand
  • Their buyer types and what gets them off the fence
  • Consistently get in front of them & make offers on Stories

THAT’S when you can tap into ‘on demand” cash injections, any time you want.

If you want a simple yet effective way to boost sales, start actually ~selling~ to your warmest leads aka those eyeballs silently stalking your Stories. This is what you’ll do inside the Serve & Sell Challenge.

With step-by-step sales prompts & examples you can sell with confidence and fill your inbox with order notifications in less than 15 minutes a day. One student said it changed the game for them in just 6 days, and paid for itself within the first hour of sharing the first story. what a slayyyyy

Click here to join and start making the sales you deserve.


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