Why Shoutouts Work, But Your Own Content Doesn’t Attract New Followers


Why Shoutouts Work, But Your Own Content Doesn’t Attract New Followers

If you regularly get big Story shoutouts that bring in a ton of new followers, you may know this feeling all too well.

On the one hand, you’re super excited to have your brand get in front of new audiences,

But on the other, you’re like “uh wait, clearly people ARE interested so whyyy can’t I create this kind of growth on my own?”

Of all the bang your head on the freaking wall wtf Instagram moments, this may the worst cause you’re like, “I got things goin’ ONNNN…”

  • your community is literally THE best
  • your products get amazing reviews
  • your customers come back to buy again

BUT… your follower count yo-yo’s within 10 of the same number unless you get a big story mention.

You know a business that isn’t regularly attracting new customers or relies on external factors… is going to struggle long term.

And I know you’re ready for more reliable growth this year… so let’s look at what’s going on & how you can create this for yourself:

The reason you easily gain new followers from a shoutout is bc you get to BORROW THE TRUST they have with their audience and skip the “getting to know ya” part of the equation

And the reason your own content isn’t getting those results is bc your marketing is missing top of funnel [TOF] content that ATTRACTS, so that you can then nurture & build trust.

Top of Funnel content is like casting a wide net in a *specific* part of the ocean…

It’s the broadest type of content intended to get in front of a large group of ideal customers; and it almost always has to be about THEM, not you 👀 

To do this, you have to know what they are already thinking about so you can catch (ie. interrupt) their attention.

For product brands – this is typically relatable, aspirational, opinionated, or trend content that speaks to how customers are experiencing their problems or reflecting back their desires.

Here is how Top of Funnel (TOF) content fits within your content strategy:

1️⃣ TOF content gets you in front of new eyes & sparks curiosity so they head to your profile

2️⃣ Your feed is full of bingeable high converting content, so they quickly go from “what is this?” > to > “omg I gotta have this!”

3️⃣ You effortlessly convert views into customers through daily selling on Stories & moving to owned channels

So stop trying to slip your product in like a bad 90’s product placement during your favorite TV show with every post and start adding Top of Funnel content that attracts the exact right people you want.

The goal is VISIBILITY & CURIOSITY to get them aware of your brand so they can binge your high converting content & effortlessly checkout.



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