The Content Breakthrough​


Turn likes and engagement into actual growth & sales with a streamlined ready-to-implement content plan, so you can get back to doing… whatever else you want ; )

The Content Breakthough


Within two weeks, we develop a streamlined ready-to-implement content plan to increase growth and sales, so you don’t miss out on bigger and better opportunities.

ready to increase revenue without losing hours second guessing or scrolling for inspo?

Imagine if making sales felt exciting and easy...

You wake up, enjoy your slow morning (post toddler breakfast mayhem and dog walks), grab an iced coffee, and settle into your day.

Instead of feeling lost and spiraling into scrolling for inspiration, you check your calendar – you know exactly what to say, and may already have it created waiting for you.

You hit post and go about your day, on brand and unbothered, confident in how you’ll reach your growth + sales goals each month.

You check back later to chat with your community, as you see new order notifications roll in.

All from content you created… without spending all day scrolling and second guessing. Your goals feel possible, you show up with confidence, marketing your business feels fulfilling instead of draining… the dream, right?

feeling far from your reality?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve read all the tips, you know what to do, you’re posting consistently… and you’re about 7 seconds away from falling down another hack rabbit hole… iced coffee lunch in hand.

You want to show up intentionally for your business, and may even have a lot of content ideas swirling around your brain…

but when it comes to sitting down to create it starts to feel unclear how to say things

or you feel unsure whether it’ll actually lead to sales and growth and make the time spent worth it…

… close or, ‘wtf kate, you’re in my head’?!

Here’s the ‘big secret’ – YOU have what it takes:

the brand story, the incredible products, the customer knowledge

You just haven’t cracked the code for content that converts without the overwhelm (yet).


Luckily – you don’t need to spend hours watching endless modules to get up to speed.

We’ll package up your brilliant brand vision into a clear plan that effortlessly connects and converts customers while building a community of loyal fans around your product. 

If you want different (better) results with a sustainable way of creating, that is what we do inside the Content Breakthrough.

Within two weeks, you’ll receive a streamlined ready-to-implement content framework to attract more customers, true community, and add-to-carts (not just comments + hearts) without the hamster wheel hustle, yes please ! That’s what the right strategy for your business can unlock.

Imagine waking up and instead of overthinking what to post, you’re able to just create and go, knowing how it leads to sales…

Are you ready for effortless sales and simplified content creation?

Get the real results you crave in your business, so you don't miss out on living your life.

Whether you’re an early-stage brand looking to skip the long trial and error phase, or an established brand wanting to elevate your existing strategy for better results… 


You want a growing, engaged community of buyers and consistent sales.

And you know you could be getting better results from your content.

With the Content Breakthrough, you’ll have a custom marketing framework to do exactly that.


  • More ideal customers discovering your brand
  • Faster conversions from messaging shifts
  • An easy to follow plan designed around your strengths
  • Time saved with a streamlined creation process and rinse + repeat formats
  • Improved reach and conversions from personalized adjustments 

Whether you want a clear plan from the start, or to elevate your existing – there is a way to create more sales for your business.

ready for effortless sales?

from past clients

Best investment ever.
I’m so glad I did this. Best investment ever. It finally feels like I don’t have to have everything perfect, I can start right now. You just took the guesswork out of it.
I feel like I can finally do it.
I've never felt like having successful Instagram marketing was more possible!! I feel like I can finally do it. Not just hope I'll get it right and give up when I don't think I'm seeing results
You make it so easy.
Just filmed tomorrows. Getting it ready today so all I have to do is share it!
It’s like you went inside my brain...
I finally opened everything up and insert the Rachel/Phoebe/Ross jumping up and down scene! It’s like you went inside my brain and articulated all of the messages I’ve been wanting to share for years. I’m so excited to start working through it!
Almost 100 new email subscribers!
Sales have been picking up, and I've gotten almost 100 new subscribers since I started my list.
Can't wait to start using it ASAP!
Yayyyyy! Can't wait to start using it ASAP!😭😭😭😭 <- happy tears.
OMG. I'm so excited to create!
Is it weird this makes me want to buy from MYSELF? 😂
worth every penny, this is such a relief
Having a plan to follow and those ideas for videos to take! That is going to be so easy now, I can do that. This is such a relief, you are worth every penny I invested. You have no idea!
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curious what it looks like?

Here's how we'll do it:

two investment options

Content Breakthrough: $1500
$500 x 3 monthly payments

Intensive Only: $1000
$500 x 2 split pay option

Continuation Packages available


01 // Complete the application so I can get to know your business and goals.

02 // Once reviewed, you’ll sign the contract, submit payment, and select your first call time.

03 // You’ll receive a welcome email, that includes your Brand Deep Dive.
Please complete 72hrs in advance of kickoff call so we’re ready to roll!

hey, hi, hello. have we met?

you’re the expert of your business… i’m Kate, the CMO in your corner.

The reality is if you’re here, you’re beyond step-by-step courses (no matter how promising they sound).

This isn’t a program where you’re watching modules and trainings you already know, then left on your own to implement for your unique business. That’s not the vibe.

We dive in together to uncover opportunities, close gaps, refine strategies, and address questions you didn’t even realize you had… all through the eyes of a product-based marketer.

With over 10 years of experience buying + planning in multi-million dollar categories and growing brands online, it’s like having a CMO in your corner to elevate your marketing so you can sustainably bring in more sales, growth, and profit.

…But not like a regular one, I’m here to hype you tf up too.

our goals and values

ATTRACTING an audience who ‘gets it’ bc community >>>>>

CULTIVATING loyal fans that happily sprint to cart

SELLING in a way that feels easy (and dare i say, fun?)

STREAMLINING the creation process to save you time

RELEASING the bs rules so you find a way that works – for you

the A's

to your Q's

This is best for two types of business owners:
1. early-stage brands who want to skip the big trial and error with a clear plan so they generate more sales without the content overwhelm
2. growing brands who want to streamline + elevate their existing strategy for better results, or to start passing off to a team
If you want effortless sales and simplified content creation; and you’re ready to tap into your own brand strengths… this is for you.
This is not for you if:
  • you want someone to create or write the content for you (recommend a SMM instead)
  • you want a full multi-channel marketing strategy (you’re ready for the In-Demand Brand Accelerator!)
  • you aren’t prepared to collaborate or provide feedback
  • you’re looking for a quick fix over a sustainable strategy

The Content Breakthrough is for the product shop owner who’s cool with creating their own content (or has a small team), but wants the support of a marketing strategist to show up more effectively with a clear plan of action. 

You want more customers that truly value your work + respect your prices. You want visibility that grows brand recognition, and converts. You want a strategic content plan so you can just create and post! without overthinking or feeling stuck.


You’re the product brand owner handling it all

  • you’ve been making sales and are ready to see more predictable growth
  • you have limited time to focus on the bigger picture, let alone define a content strategy
  • you know your content could be more impactful, but you’re not sure what changes to make

You’re the product brand owner with a small hardworking team

  • sales have been trending up and you want to get ahead on a big growth season
  • you’re writing content ten minutes before you hit share and want more structure (and time back)
  • you have content that performs well, but you’re not always sure why and want to be able to replicate

I get it — you hold yourself accountable, you get things DONE, and you just want the content ideas to do it strategically and in less time.

You also know that content ideas are only ONE part of the equation.The key to sustainable long term growth and sales is knowing what to assess, when to adjust, and how to amplify. And that takes consistently putting your strategy into place, gathering data, and optimizing for results…

Which is why we don’t just hand you a plan without the support to implement + refine.

Unlike a one-time strategy call, this 3-month container is designed to give you the strategy, ongoing support as you implement, and specific strategic adjustments to move the needle faster within your business.

We do offer shorter Content Intensives on a limited basis. DM me @theshopfiles to check availability

Absolutely! You can secure your spot with a deposit and then settle the remaining balance either in full once we start or over 3 monthly payments.
You will pay the deposit once application is approved, and then you can kick up your feet knowing you have your spot secured. Apply here to lock in current pricing with a $300 deposit.

You know that brand you stumbled across, and next thing you know you're entering your credit card?

(Sh*t. You didn’t even KNOW you knew your CVV by heart, did you?)

Yeahhh, that’s content working for them 24/7.

And it can be your reality too; when you know how to share your brand story, speak to dream customers, and consistently get in front of them in a way that works for you.

With a custom, ready to implement strategy, you’ll draw ideal customers in through a netflix-style content binge, which allows you to easily build trust, and speed up the buyer’s journey. (aka. faster, more effortless sales.)

Sounds good right?