Add This Type of Content to Increase Sales (without needing a bigger audience first)


Add This Type of Content to Increase Sales (without needing a bigger audience first)

What if I said you could be making a ton more sales without first needing a bigger audience by adding in ONE type of content?

If your head’s nodding yes, this is the exact type of content I’d add to your strategy to increase connections & conversions:


There are A LOT of opinions over what to post to consistently grow your audience, build a community, and convert sales. And while I wholeheartedly agree there’s lots of ways to be successful on Instagram, depending on how the founder wants to show up, the product itself, your brand promise, etc etc etcccc…

There’s ONE thing no one can afford to overlook → YOUR CUSTOMER

Sounds obnoxiously obvious, I know. BUT that’s actually why it’s often overlooked.

Because you know your products sooo well & you KNOW they’re the right fit for your ideal customers… a few steps get skipped. We cut right to the product going “omg, you’re gonna love it”

Except… THEY haven’t yet made that connection between what they want & what you offer. They can’t seeee themselves in your content

And that’s why conversions are slow or it feels like people take forrrrrever to find you & buy.

So if you want to speed up the sales process to create more revenue, this is the exact type of content I’d recommend adding into your rotation:


This is the #1 type of content I often see missing from product brands… and once added, can immediately impact your sales.

This type of content typically:

  • Interrupts thoughts they’re already having
  • Shows the lifestyle or outcome they desire ‘in action’
  • Creates an immediate “me too” reaction, making them feel seen

The key to this content is not “being relatable”… but instead RELATING to THEM, so they feel you as the brand ‘get’ them.

Everything starts with understanding what your customer is experiencing & putting them at the center. Because at the end of the day, we all just want to be seen, heard, and understood. Be the brand who can give that to your customer, and sales will soar.

And if you’re not sure how to add this to your marketing, hey hi hello – that’s exactly what I do.

You can apply here for a Content Breakthrough and together we’ll get you in front of customers who can’t wait to checkout without the constant content creation overwhelm.


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