3 things you need in your marketing ecosystem for consistent sales


3 things you need in your marketing ecosystem for consistent sales

If you want consistent sales without the daily content hustle, you need to put in place these three things.

But before we get into it, have you noticed that each platform is often sold as a separate bucket, 

Whether it’s that email course you bought or you’re curious about tiktok… you’re told to start in ‘identify ideal customer’ land?

While each platform has its own culture and needs a separate plan, your overall marketing strategy shouldn’t be starting over at step one. (ie. “who do you sell to?” land)

That’s the FOUNDATION each platform is meant to support.

It’s also why keeping up with Instagram and email and joining that new platform feels overwhelming because instead of knowing where each platform slots into your marketing strategy it feels like you have to start from scratch… So let’s zoom out and slot in.

To start, you want 3 things:

01. a community based platform, hi instagram

02. a visibility plan rooted in search not social, sup pinterest & TT

03. a sales system set up on autopilot, heyyyyy email

In the past, Instagram may have done everything and the rest was just extra. But lately you’re feeling the pull to rely less on Instagram alone… (or maybe more accurately, YOU don’t want to always be the one who’s relied on)

You want to:

  • log off on the weekends without it affecting your sales
  • go on vacation without packing up your laptop
  • grow the business without always needing new products

And that’s possible when you have a marketing ecosystem that attracts new audiences, nurtures your existing, and converts customers without always relying on *you* hitting post.

If you know your goals have grown, the playing field has changed, and you want more predictable revenue without relying on constantly chasing trends or always having to be ‘on’

It’s time your marketing works together towards your bigger vision.

Curious what this could look like for you? That’s what we do inside the In-Demand Brand Accelerator, DM me ‘IDB’ and we can chat! Or learn more & apply here.



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