10 Minute Tips to Improve Your Online Shop


10 Minute Tips to Improve Your Online Shop

They say we have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.

So why is it so hard to get everything done?

And it’s even worse when you’re in between projects, but waiting for that last load of laundry to dry and suddenly you realize you just wasted ten minutes.

Boom – gone.

I know my least productive days are when there are lots of meetings that all end within 10 or 15 minutes of the next one.

You can’t start a big project, you’re not quite organized enough to finish a smaller one, so you end up checking a few emails and hanging around until the next meeting. It’s no wonder working only eight hours a day seems impossible. (#inmydreams)

So as we head into our busiest planning season at work, I created a list of short “10 minutes tasks” that I can easily refer to when that lull hits. And yes – refill water might be one of them. Because, well, that’s important too!

Since it’s been working well for me, I’m sharing 22 ideas to help maximize your time.

So when you finish a project, but need to head out soon – don’t waste it! Print off or bookmark this list + get going instead 🙂

10 Minute Tips to Improve Online Shop - The Shop Files

10 Minute Tips To Improve Your Online Shop - Quick and easy ideas to use your time efficiently between projects!

10 Minute Tips to Improve Your Online Shop


1. Update your bottom 5 listings

Try new keyword phrases, improve the description, and/or switch up the images

2. Maximize your top 5 listings

Suggest product add-ons, make new visuals to share on Pinterest, or create a round up to share as “Customers’ Favorites”

3. Send a pitch to a blogger you’d like to work with

Check out this post for some tips

4. Organize Shipping Supplies

Clean up and take stock of your shipping supplies, reorder items as needed, and create a standardized shipping process so you know exactly what needs to happen (especially helpful in case a friend ever wants to help)

5. Review stock on brand collateral

Place any reorders – thank you notes, business cards, care instructions, packing confetti, you name it! Think of how you can improve your ‘un-boxing’ experience (for more ideas, click here)

6. Schedule next week’s pins

Are you using a scheduling tool yet for Pinterest? I just started a few weeks ago and it’s life changing (both in freeing up time and for increasing my website traffic)

I recommend using Tailwind which offers a free trial (you can see a brand new client’s results here).

And then go ahead and steal my daily Pinterest strategy.

7. Plan out next (or this!) week’s Instagram posts

My favorite tip is to pick 1-2 products or topics to focus on for the week. And then come at them from different angles.

You can copy my complete Instagram strategy for shop owners or start with these 30 Instagram prompts for inspiration.

8. Find 3 new accounts to follow

Pick your favorite social media platform, Instagram / Facebook / Twitter; find some new inspiration and leave a meaningful comment to start connecting

9. Create a monthly sales forecast for the year

Grab last year’s results and compare to this year > How are you trending? Do you think that will continue into the next three months?

Brand new? Start by making goals for yourself each month so you can track your sales and see your progress!

You can use this financial goal setting framework throughout the year.

10. Review last month’s sales

What were your biggest wins?

Will you stay in stock moving forward if you continue to sell at that rate? Or do you need to re-buy supplies to keep up with demand?

11. Make a list of all the tools you use

Take note of expiration/renewal dates, make a password list, and review if you need to cancel any you aren’t using anymore

12. Send a thank you note to 2-3 past customers

All part of that good customer service 🙂

13. Contact 2-3 customers for reviews

Don’t be afraid to reach out to happy customers. If they’ve sent you an email, Instagram message, or have posted your product… let those sell for you!

Ask if they’d be willing to write a short review for your website, or if they’ve already sent a sweet message – check out this post from Kiffanie on how to legally use reviews you’ve already received.

14. Create a special sale for VIP email list members or “fans only”

Make it exclusive for your email subscribers or Instagram followers only. Promote it on other platforms and encourage your audience to sign up or follow along if they want in on the exclusive offer!

15. Brainstorm new blog ideas

When are your new product launches? New color introductions? What holidays are coming up?

New to blogging for business? Start with this post on why your shop needs a blog, plus 12 ideas to get started.

16. Create a new email opt-in idea

Uh, an opt-in what?

If you need to grow your list, offering an “incentive” (aka an opt-in offer) is one of the best ways to do it.

Check out this post that walks you through why to use an email opt-in, plus 8 ideas to get you started.

17. Review your FAQ / policies page

Any email inquires you regularly receive should be added to your FAQs or policies.

Keeping those updated regularly should help cut down on email communication with customers repeatedly asking the same questions.

18. Review shipping info by product

Is this information up to date and accurate?

Do you provide shipping cost estimates or leadtimes by product?

19. Update your monthly financials

Track your income & expenses, how’s the month shaping up?

Try a system like Wave, which is a free accounting tool for small business owners.

20. Review your About Page

Is your information up to date? Do you have a space for customers to easily contact you?

For those interested in wholesale, can they easily find that information?

Your About Page could also extend to your social media bios – do they accurately reflect what you’re offering?

21. Brainstorm new product ideas

Creatives/Makers – brainstorm/sketch new product ideas

Boutique Owners – brainstorm new product ideas to research, trends, inspiration or identify new brands you’d love to have in your shop

22. Create “Customer Scripts”

Create your ideal responses to commonly asked questions so you can streamline your process, yet still keep it personal + on brand.

So what’s on your list?  Help us all out and leave a comment below!



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