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 The Shop Files is a place for creatives + shop owners (like you!) to learn how to improve your shop so you can focus on your dream: creating + curating products to grow your shop from a simple vision into a profitable business you love.

My goal? To help you figure out the retail space and sell confidently on social media.

If you want help on any of the below, you’re in the right place my friend!

    • Earn new + loyal customers with creative marketing ideas
    • Sell confidently and naturally on Instagram
    • Be profitable by understanding the financials behind the business
  • Create a sustainable business by providing irresistible value to your audience

Hey hey, I’m Kate!

A retail buyer who helps creatives and shop owners market their business; letting you take care of the fun side, creating products your customers will love!

My focus is helping product shops sell naturally and confidently with social media with strategies that don’t feel like a chore.

While I went to school for marketing, I quickly fell into the retail industry and never gave it a second thought. Until one day, I was frustrated with the slow sales in my department and sick of competing on price (because going back to haggle markdowns with vendors was not a favorite part of my job).


Instead I focused on understanding who our customer is, what she was looking for (the problem we could solve), and learned how to speak directly to her in a way that:

  • grew our sales by over 70% (with the same old products we’d carried for years)
  • increased our profits (because I no longer needed to compete on price)
  • allowed us to stand out as an industry leader (we quickly saw our competition take notice + imitate)

And I want the same for you.

I love tacos, big dreams and d. coke (okay, so all the Mexican foods. and french fries. fine, all the food – maybe bring ice cream). With over nine years of corporate merchandising experience in both buying + planning roles, I’m here to spill the secrets of a buyer to help make your goals easier to achieve.

So, if you’re looking for business advice tailored to the retail industry; from the basics of starting a shop to feeling comfortable with your sales pitch, this is the place to be.

Along the way, I want this to be a space where you’ll meet a group of supportive, like-minded individuals who had the guts to follow their dream too.

Join me on Instagram for actionable tips or just to say hello!

Jump over to the blog for my top tips for running + marketing your retail business. If these don’t answer your questions, pop over here and ask me!

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  • I’m really enjoying your instagram find-your-feed- challenge. At last I found an very organized productive way to work on my instagram posts. Congratulations- it’s direct, easy to follow and visually stimulating.
    Thanks a lot for helping us out here on open sea find an island!

    • Yesss I’m so glad Ester!! Thank you so much for the feedback, I love knowing it was easy to follow + helpful! What is your Instagram handle? Would love to check it out!