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Sold On Stories

The Ultimate Playbook for Product Brands to Effortlessly Boost Sales in less than an hour a day using Instagram Stories

Your warmest leads are waiting. Ready to invite them in?

you're ready for

front row story status

Imagine your customers rolling out of bed each day, grabbing their phones, and cracking open Instagram, excited for your little Story bubble at the top of their screen… a warm captivated audience, sounds good right?

They’re not just EXCITED to hear from your brand, they see you as part of their routine, getting that little dopamine boost from being in on the jokes you only know if you’re in the know.

(and the story crowd is always in the know, ya know?)

Stories and sales were made for each other.

Like, it’s literal science.

As humans, we’re hard wired for storytelling. They fire strong connections in our brain that appeal to our emotions and makes you memorable, which is why they are so massively powerful for sales.

And you? You’re ready to make more sales (just a hunch !).

You know your warmest leads hang out on Stories, yet why does it sometimes feel like you’re stuck in the friend-zone or tongue-tied every day?

The truth is — most businesses overcomplicate Stories. Either constantly walking around looking at their life wondering “is this Instagram worthy?” which is the fast track to feeling like sh*t lol. OR constantly showing their face and doing all the things and wondering why no ones biting so they end up ghosting for days bc ‘wtf do you actually say, every.single.dayyy.?

So let’s un-complicate it, shall we?

want to make more sales in less than an hour day?

You need just 3 things. (I told ya - simple.)


The Sold On Stories Framework

aka. effortless sales without being glued to your phone

With the 3-part SOS framework, you will have the tools to:
  1. curate a brand experience that connects on an emotional level (that’s where the real sales happen in people’s minds)
  2. prioritize income producing actions daily with a simple plan that fits your schedule (this is how you consistently move the needle to reach your goals)
  3. leverage demand and inspire action with proven and ethical sales techniques (hi sales psychology. no ick required)

This is the exact framework I, and my clients, use to grow our businesses with Stories that build trust, value, and momentum in less than an hour a day.

ready for stories that actually make sales, without feeling all deer-in-the-headlights ‘wtf do I say?’

from past students

My sales are up year over year
I honestly have you to thank for it. My sales are up year over year and I feel as if I've been able to connect with people in a more personal way.
- Ashley, home decor shop
These are the best my stories have ever been!
Yesterday 35% of my followers watched my Story - which is way higher than usual. It felt good to be creative and thoughtful about my business."
- Erin, Women's Clothing Boutique
your prompts have saved me!
Using your prompts have saved me! You're a genius.
- Melissa, women's clothing boutique
The changes I made are working!
Look at this message I got today. The changes I made are working! 😍 That's the third person this week to say something like that.
- Allyson, Artist
the biggest job in 3 years!
I got four commissions this week, and one is the biggest job in 3 years!
- Beth, Custom Home Decor
From that story, I got a SALE!!
Based on your prompt, I worked in that my entire site was on sale. From that story, I got a SALE!! Thank you so much. I don't think I would have gotten it without taking your advice and showing up! Done is better than perfect!!
- Clothing Boutique

no more settling for lukewarm leads

it’s time to build a hot ready-to-buy audience in less than an hour a day

picture this

  • you see your Story views triple and feel excited to show up for your audience again
  • you check your DMs to find genuine responses from potential buyers instead of bots + crickets
  • you’re selling multiple commissions in one week (including the biggest job you got in 3 years!)
  • your Stories now effortlessly fit into your day, you’re not forcing it or stuck in the “What should I say?” rut
  • you see sales roll in as a direct result, no more wondering “is all this work worth it?”

Ready to turn attention into action and lurkers into loyal customers?

What's waiting for you:

✶ Actionable training videos to craft your own SOS system

✶ Over 40 strategic prompts designed to build trust, value, and sales, while saving you a ton of time

✶ A daily + weekly guide that makes showing up simple

✶ 30 day calendar template so you know exactly what to share each day

✶ The ‘STAR’ sales formula to turn reviews into revenue

✶ Planning guides + worksheets so you can easily put into action


It’s time to turn up the heat and build a ready-to-buy audience

$197 today ($397 value)

what’s included?

high level overview of the modules

how would it feel to show up and see sales roll in?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Exclusively for Product Businesses – no second guessing how to apply generic strategies here.

What happens once I join?

Upon purchase, you’ll get instant access to the full program. You’ll receive an email with login access to your dashboard; which hosts the workbook, lesson videos + all done-for-you resources.

Is this program live?

Sold On Stories is a self-paced program.

You can binge and start putting into action the same day!


It is a self-study program, so there is no direct access to Kate. There is an option to upgrade to VIP for customized 1:1 support on your strategy. Available at an exclusive rate to SOS members.


i’m kate. retail buyer turned product marketing consultant

As a small shop, I believe you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… it’s time to level the playing field.

Obsessed with using strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods to get you money-making results; and help you show up online with confidence.

I’ve helped hundreds of product brands grow their business with content that does more than check a box, or just stop the scroll.

If you’re here – you know our marketing gets results, not just views. And You’re ready to reach your next level of sales with ease.

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