Strategy call // catalyst POWER HOUR

No bs advice that packs a punch.

Not your college power hour. (although BYOB is highly encouraged)

In this 1:1 session with Kate, we’ll deep dive on 1-3 main obstacles or goals. Perfect for product brand owners looking for direct and detailed support to improve their marketing and make a bigger impact on their bottom line.

Marketing can feel complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll strategize and simplify the next best steps for your goals so you can grow with ease.

If you feel you’ve been spinning around the same obstacles getting in the way of your growth and are ready to move forward, this would be a great fit for you.

Cause simply ‘doing more’ is so last year, ya know?

what to get started?

What to expect

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Click below to select your call time and purchase a strategy session. There will be a short questionnaire to complete your booking so we can hit the ground running.

Investment: $225

On the call

This call is led by your questions and goals. The more specific the roadblock or goal you share, the more progress you'll make. To prepare, simply show up as yourself, share your thoughts, and stay open to new ideas... it's gonna be fun !

The follow up

After your call, you'll be sent a detailed summary of our discussion, clear action steps, and the call recording via email so you can easily implement and go back to watch as needed.

from past clients

Small steps have resulted in more interest and sales already
I learned so much in such a short moment in time and I've been processing and digging into it. Even though I'm 65% of the way there - the small steps I've taken so far have actually resulted in more interest and more sales already.
"I GET IT NOW" Woke up excited to create content for the first time ever
I got that Kate energy coursing though me and I'm like YES I GET IT NOW. I woke up excited to create content for the first time um... ever? All thanks to our convo yesterday.
Creating content feels less overwhelming now
I have such a clearer picture of what to say and how to explain what I do to our community. Kate took the time to explain to me a buyer's journey but not only that, to give me examples that would be useful for my community to see.
Made it really accessible + easy to understand
Kate has a knack for taking these more complicated concepts (for those of us who struggle) and making it really accessible and easy to understand. Now when I create content I feel like I have her words in my back pocket to push me to think about my client a little bit deeper.
Finding more clarity in my posts and their purpose
Thank you so much Kate. I learned so much in one hour and feel like I can start finding clarity in my posts and their purpose.
Really made the concept click!
You're the best in the biz. I trust your wisdom and understanding of the audience we are trying to speak to. That was so helpful!! Really makes the concept click and is helping me move forward.

Looking for in-depth marketing strategy support? The Content Breakthrough or In-Demand Brand Accelerator may be for you, get all the details here.

If you want to talk through which step is best for you, reach out to me on Instagram or email at kate@theshopfiles.com. We’ll chat about makes the most sense for where you’re at… and where you want to go.