My Sales from Stories Increased When I Started Focusing on THIS Metric


My Sales from Stories Increased When I Started Focusing on THIS Metric

When I wanted to make more sales from my Stories… I started paying attention to THIS metric and that’s when my sales really took off.

If you want to post on Stories & get orders as a direct result, obviouslyyy views are necessary…

But what you really need is RETENTION 💸

I had always used Stories to build relationships, but it wasn’t until I figured out how to keep my audience engaged while selling that I saw more consistent sales from them.

Here’s why — even if someone isn’t buying *that* day, selling in a way that keeps them watching speeds up trust & familiarity with my offers >>> which then leads to increased sales

Cause if people bail as soon as you start to sell, getting more views won’t matter.

You need people to actually stick around & see up what you’re putting down so they can take action

Here’s how I look at retention for each Story series (ie – 2-5 slides that go together);

👉🏼 What percent of people are making it all the way through to the CTA?
👉🏼 Where is the drop off happening & does that make sense with how specific I got?

When people stay engaged even when you sell, your sales (and views) will increase.

If you want to make more sales with a simple system that doesn’t require you constantly hanging out on Stories, that’s exactly why I created the Serve & Sell challenge 💘 It now usually takes me less than 15 minutes a day to post my sales stories… then I get to go do whatever I want with my day.

And students are seeing the same results, getting hundreds of dollars worth of orders in a day from just one Story series.


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