MiloTree Review – Using Website Traffic to Increase Your Social Media Followers


MiloTree Review – Using Website Traffic to Increase Your Social Media Followers

As I look to grow my overall presence online, one area I keep coming back to is how each of my platforms tie into one another…

We’ve all heard someone say “Don’t worry about promoting too much. No one’s following you everywhere.

And while I believed that… it wasn’t until I worked my booty off to promote my Instagram presentation during the Maker’s Biz Summit that I realized “OH SNAP. That’s totally true.”

People I KNOW. Like know-know didn’t always hear about it. And I mean like we chat on Instagram all.the.time. and they’re in my Facebook group and they’re on my email list…

And yet, some of them STILL didn’t hear about the event until days into my promotion.


So I thought…. If they’re not seeing everything I put out….


*cue Keven’s Home Alone face* 😱


After that realization, my new goal was to understand how I can leverage my best performing platform (currently my website due to Pinterest) to boost up my smaller followings.

Because while Pinterest traffic is ah-mazing… it can sometimes be a lot of one-and-done visitors.

Related: See how I got a pin to go viral – often full of one-time visitors – and learn the mistakes I made so you can fix them before your next (or first!) viral pin.

For example, if your website gets an average of 500 visitors a day… what percent of those visitors turn into social media followers?

Often, it’s not a lot.

Even if they love what you have to offer, it can be hard to get them to head over even to ONE social media site.

We’re just a distracted little bunch, so it’s not likely we’re going to go crazy and hit ‘follow’ everywhere.

That’s when I heard about MiloTree and wanted to give it a shot.

Convert more of your website visitors into social media followers and email subscribers with MiloTree. Increase social media followers using your website traffic and MiloTree- Check out my MiloTree reviewThis post may contain affiliate links; which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of my links. I only recommend what I love + use myself and appreciate your support of The Shop Files!

What is MiloTree?

MiloTree takes your one-time traffic (which depending on the day for me, can be 60-80%) and helps turn those visitors into followers, which can lead to more subscribers, customers, and revenue!

It works by creating a small pop-up on your site that showcases one of your social media profiles encouraging people to follow you.

Below is an example of what mine looks like for Instagram:

MiloTree Review - how to grow social media followers

I think it’s awesome that the pop up is actually personalized to YOU. It’s your account images that show up, so it’s a really seamless experience for visitors.

You can either focus on one platform or grow multiple at once (they support Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and even your email list + YouTube) and MiloTree will show a different popup to each visitor.

The other great thing about this particular pop up is that they created it specifically to comply with Google’s mobile standards so you won’t be dinged for having one on your site. (YAY)

They also offer analytics so you can see how it’s converting into clicks for you. Plus they offer a 30-day free trial so you can plenty of time to test it out and see if it’s worth it. (The paid version is just $9/month)


[stnsvn-button-large url=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”” button_text=”Put MiloTree to the test + grab your free 30-day trial here!”]

How to Set Up MiloTree

To get started, you just need to create your account + pick the plan you want, the “Awesome” plan will be perfect for most of you.

You have to pay upon sign up, but they immediately refund you the monthly payment so you can test it out for free during your 30-day trial.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll go to their Install page where you will select which platform you’re on. It integrates with most of the big guys, such as Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, etc. and they have instructions for each.

Ways You Can Customize the Pop Up

There’s a few things you can adjust for a more customized feel for your brand:

  • Customize your forms background + text with your brand colors
  • Determine the location: right, left, bottom right or bottom left
    • I’ve set mine to display in the lower right-hand corner
  • Control the frequency of how often it shows up
    • I set mine to once every 7 days 
  • Set if it shows up immediately or only once a visitor has started scrolling (so it’s not hitting you *right* when the page opens)

Lastly, (and this is really important) you can create a URL list to specifically only show or don’t show the pop up on those URLs.

This can be super helpful if you’re sending new visitors to a particular landing page or product page and you’d rather they’re not interrupted by the pop up.

If you’re sending visitors to an email sign up page or a product page, you probably just want their attention there >> to either sign up or check out!

So in that case, don’t get in your way and get greedy lol.


[stnsvn-button-large url=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”” button_text=”Put MiloTree to the test + grab your free 30-day trial here!”]






  • I’m so glad I discovered this post because I’ve been dying to find out who runs these pop-up plugins that I keep seeing on website. Most of those that I see I guess elect to not show the ‘Powered by MiloTree’ and I’ve Googled without much luck. Immediately signed up and think this will make a difference. I figure it simply cannot hurt!

    xoxo – Kelly

    • yes!!! I’m so glad you finally got that answered, it drives me crazy when I can’t find the right tool. Hope it helps!!

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