Low Instagram Reels Views? 6 Common Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)


Low Instagram Reels Views? 6 Common Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

You’ve been working really hard on your Instagram reels lately…

You’re posting consistently…

You’re focused on your customer…

You’re creating with your sales goals in mind…

In 90 days, the results will show up from the work you did today.

But the views aren’t exactly flooding in. And it’d be a shame if after all that hard work your customers still aren’t getting the chance to see your content! Or worse – if you start to feel like ffff something’s missing and hop back on the quick hack merry go round.

So let’s talk how to get more views on Instagram reels, by first addressing some common mistakes.

Here’s 6 common mistakes + how to quickly fix them:

1. No hook.

I know you just rolled your eyes bc “yeah I know…”

You also know “knowing” and “doing” are two different things. Head over to your profile right meow and critically (yet kindly) review your last 3 reels from an outsider’s perspective.

Would they get it? Like, immediately get it? Would it make them want to keep watching? If not, brainstorm 1-2 ways you could improve for next time.

You can use the same headline ideas as you would for captions: blunt statements, make it a list, make them curious, go against the grain, or start in the middle. (see mistake #3 though and be sure to keep them shorter / to the point!)

2. Text isn’t getting seen.

Keep your text 👉🏼IN 👈🏼 frame! Always check the ‘gridlines’ (they appear as you move text around) and ensure you’re inside the lines. This is especially true at the bottom and right hand side — your caption/account name or the likes/comments area may obscure it!

3. Long ass text.

Honestly. Sometimes this one is hard to re-wire. After years of carefully crafting captivating captions, writing short.snappy.succinct. text for reels can be a tough switch. Be ruthless with your edits. is it necessary? eye catching? skimmable? would someone immediately get what you’re saying?

4. Long ass clips.

We’re on a theme here, huh. Unless it’s a vibey slow scene… try slicing up your clip to shorter moments or changing the angle. It’s all about pattern interrupts to keep the viewer watching. (and if it issss a vibey slow scene, there’s still ways to add movement!)

5. Generic trends.

Trending audio + trends are A-OK! In order to stand out, consider how you can make it *slightly* more specific to your customer/product/brand.

If you want an extra advantage, look for reels that are trending with less than 2-5k reels. You can be successful even if don’t catch it that early, but if you’re looking to leverage features it’s worth putting focus there.

6. Low energy.

It’s incredibly hard to fake it on video….. (that’s what…KimK…) anyWHO.

When you show up and you’re not feeling the song, don’t wanna do the dance, or have “f reels” energy. Do yourself a giant favor and put the phone down, step back, and regroup. It’ll all be there when you return. Forcing is never the vibe when it comes to creating content.

Which one did you need to hear?

How have reels been going for you? I recently had one hit over 80k views and honestly, I have some interesting thoughts… 🙃


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