In-Demand Brand Accelerator


a 4 month private consulting partnership to become wildly in-demand through our signature marketing framework

In-Demand Brand Accelerator

for growing product brands

a 4 month private consulting partnership to become wildly
in-demand through our signature marketing framework

you're ready to go from...

invisible to IN DEMAND

For the leader who’s done playing small, it’s big business energy here.

Word on the street is you’re craving MORE… space to be creative, time with family and friends, money in the bank; yet you keep finding yourself hustling a little harder than you’d like.

You market your brand consistently, your audience is growing, sales are coming in, and you know more is out there. You’re ready to make a move that gets you what you truly want:

More sales. More profit.
More time. More ease.


order notifications effortlessly rolling in

without relying on the daily content hustle

When you grow a community of buyers, not followers with marketing that works for you 24/7, it’s not only possible – it’s just the start.

what’s waiting for you:

you’re the expert of your business… i’m the CMO in your corner.

The reality is if you’re here, you’re beyond step-by-step courses (no matter how promising they sound).

This isn’t a program where you’re watching tons of modules and trainings you already know, then left on your own to implement for your unique business.

We dive in together to uncover opportunities, close gaps, refine skills and strategies, and address questions you didn’t even realize you had… all through the eyes of a product-based marketer.

With over 10 years of experience buying + planning in multi-million dollar categories and growing brands online, it’s like having a CMO in your corner to elevate your marketing so you can sustainably bring in more sales, growth, and profit.

…But not like a regular one, I’m here to hype you tf up too.


the in-demand framework

for consistent sales + growth

1 | In-Demand Brand Positioning

imagine effortlessly pulling people in who just gettt it. with stand out positioning and clear messaging, you’ll stand out as the obvious go-to brand for your dreamboat ideal customers. this step makes all your marketing efforts instantly more effective and magnetic

2 | Profitable Business Model

intentional assortments massively impact your income. we’ll review your current business model, product assortment, and sales cycle for more recurring + repeat customers. and leverage your yearly sales flow for more growth and revenue (bc spoiler: the best opportunities are often coming from inside the house)

3 | Effortless Sales Strategy

how do you take people from scrolling to entering their credit card? that’s the million dollar question we’ll answer as we create your repeatable process that moves people from new to you > to “take my money” with simple funnels and promotion plans that have sales rolling in even when you’re out just living your life.

4 | Marketing Mastery

the key to those effortless sales? marketing that sells for you long before you make the ask. with content working 24/7 across each platform, you’ll easily build trust and speed up the buyer’s journey. (aka. faster, more effortless sales.) we’ll dial in your messaging, up level your copy and close gaps in your strategy for even better results.

5 | Sustainable Systems

consistent marketing has more to do with systems, than creativity. you’ll optimize + streamline your process, and create set it + forget it campaigns, so you can get time back time, make more sales, and execute with ease (or hand off to your team) with repeatable systems.

6 | Leadership Level Up

it’s time you get out of the weeds. to get to your next level, you’ll want deep self-trust to make decisions. space within your life, and an energizing vision for your future. you’re ready to step out of the daily grind and embrace your role as a leader, i can see it.

Here’s the piece that’s often overlooked when your business is growing…

When you’re at a place where you’re getting GOOD results, or even good enough; you don’t need to constantly do more or just problem solve to reach your next level.

It’s your time to step up and out of the weeds and remove the daily overwhelmso you can go after the bigger and better opportunities that excite you. (just take a second to imagine that weight off your shoulders… whewww. feels good, right?)

If you want consistent sales rolling in, products selling out, and more reviews than your website can handle, it’s not about doing or being more. It’s getting laser focused on what your business needs to maximize for more growth & revenue.

What if instead of staying on the ‘do more’ hamster wheel, your business could get even better results through a few strategic shifts?

That’s possible when you have a streamlined easy-to-execute strategy… that’s intentional and supports you, the human within your business.

If you want to be seen as the in-demand brand you are (YEAHHH I SEE YOU 👀) this is your invitation to take that next step.

the best in terms of understanding ecommerce and marketing

“FINALLY. someone who understands product businesses. there are so many experts it’s difficult to sift through the options. Kate has completely overhauled my approach and helped me connect with my customers in a way that nothing else has (and I’ve tried it all!) my engagement is up 37% and sales are consistently growing.”

the package

This 4 month container allows us to craft a sustainable results-based marketing strategy. We’ll dive deep, customize a plan, and make intentional shifts each month so you get better results.

You will leave feeling confident in how to not only attract ideal customers, but consistently convert them into buyers and raving fans.


– Kickoff call to deep dive + align on goals
– Two 60 min calls per month with Kate
– Customized blueprint for implementation
– Slack access between calls
– Monthly marketing asset review + feedback

If you are ready to make more money doing what you love, this high level partnership will take you from spinning your marketing wheels to a growing in-demand brand where consistent sales, growth, and profit are the norm.

investment options

$2,800 PIF or 4 monthly payments of $700/mn

our goals and values

SUSTAINABLE /// past the hit-it-and-quit-it stage, we know the value of upfront strategy. this long-term container allows us to set the stage, work through roadblocks, and continually optimize so you have a business that supports your life – not the other way around 

SALES-ALIGNED /// marketing should create sales, period. we’re not here for general brand awareness (although that will happen too). our framework starts and ends with how we, the people, actually buy. and draws them in through a bingeable cycle that builds trust and speeds up the buyer’s journey (aka. faster, more effortless sales.)

CUSTOMER-FIRST /// firm believers that the transaction is just the start. from community to checkout to long-term customer value, they’re at the center of your copy and content to create truly raving fans that shout your brand from the rooftops

COLLABORATION /// we’re coming to the table as equals. a meeting of the minds focused on growing your business, your way. you’re self-led, take action, and seek out support; and I come alongside you to bring a depth of industry knowledge + experience so you get where you wanna go, faster

PLAYFUL ACTION /// we mind our mindset and protect our energy so we can show up with intention, enjoy the process, and implement with ease. we’re multi-faceted humans serious about doing business, but in a fun way.

got a question...

let's chat!

This is best for businesses beyond the building stage, ready to grow.
Whether you’re flying solo or working with a small team, you want to increase sales and amplify results from your marketing.
If you believe in the power of organic marketing, are excited to explore the opportunities within your business, and know there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy… this is for you.
This is not for you if:
  • you want someone to execute the content for you (recommend a copywriter or SMM instead!)
  • you aren’t prepared to collaborate or provide feedback
  • you’re looking for a quick fix over a sustainable strategy

from past clients

like having a partner... so I can take my business to the next level
and help me funnel all of the energy & ideas I have for my business, so that I can take it to the next level, in a way that's relatable and realistic"
the best in terms of understanding ecommerce + marketing
“FINALLY. someone who understands product businesses. there are so many experts it’s difficult to sift through the options. Kate has completely overhauled my approach and helped me connect with my customers in a way that nothing else has (and I’ve tried it all!) my engagement is up 37% and sales are consistently growing."