Favorite Resources: How to Use Instagram for Business

Looking to grow your Instagram into a community of active, engaged customers?

There’s more to Instagram than growth tactics and shady ‘follow/unfollow’ hacks.

Let’s put together a solid foundation so your business not only sees follower growth, but in the bank (where it matters).

Here are my favorite Instagram resources!

Learn how to create a feed that instantly draws in new followers with the Find Your Feed challenge.

At the end of 3 days, you’ll walk away:

  • with a clear vision of your feed’s brand colors
  • knowing the exact types of images you want to create
  • with your own 9-grid template to follow

Let’s get started (it’s free)!


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced Instagrammer, let’s get back to the basics and make sure you have the right Instagram foundation.

We’ll go through:
  • Setting up your account for success
  • Grid basics so they like what they see
  • Captions and hashtag tips
  • How to post strategically for maximum impact
  • Grow baby, grow, strategies!

Grab your cheatsheet!

How to Use Instagram for Business 30 Instagram Tips

How to Use Instagram - Ten Instagram Caption Ideas for Shop Owners and Etsy shops

Not sure what to say each day in your Instagram captions?

I got you covered!

Grab your customer’s attention with captions created specifically for product sellers that connect and inspire action.

Plus, these prompts can be used again and again! Simply re-work and share once a month if you want.

That’s 30% of your month planned.

30% done and DONE!