How to Increase Product Sales in 30 Days (*Without* Growing Your Audience)


How to Increase Product Sales in 30 Days (*Without* Growing Your Audience)

4 things you could do to make more sales in the next 30 days, without growing your audience

If I asked how you plan to make more sales in the next month, and you immediately think:

  • Post more reels
  • create better content
  • be more consistent

That may be true… content is v necessary.

but doing *more* or being *better*

… is not a strategy.

unless the goal is “quickest to burnout” lol then go bb go (but I definitely don’t want that for you)

What if instead you focused on what’s already happening within your business… and created sales opportunities? So your marketing has a greater impact, without simply doing more.


Here’s 4 examples of what that could look like:

ONE //  Identify best sellers by category and create specific campaigns to promote within social and email

Why this works: by definition, they consistently outperform other products in your shop, and are proven, trusted, and backed by social proof. they act as anchors within your community, like a common language everyone ‘in the know’ knows… and the people, wanna be in know (hi fomo)

TWO // Create a win-back email sequence to re-engage past customers

Why this works: existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products, spend 31% more, on average, compared to new customers… and, that’s it. those are the reasons.

THREE // Sell every single day on Stories.

This doesn’t always mean a direct pitch, learn how to sell indirectly & directly every single day from a variety of angles.

Why this works: you’ve heard the saying that people need to see a message 7-11 times before they’ll take action but that “Rule of 7” was developed in the 1930s lol. I’m prepared to make an ass out of myself with the wild assumption that there’s more content and choices today.

Selling daily genuinely changed my business, and it’s a big reason I’m on track to 3x my sales this year. So if that feels daunting, I took everything I’ve learned & teach clients about selling daily and exactly how I make consistent sales and broke it down into an easy-to-follow super actionable 14-day challenge: Serve & Sell so that you can post on Stories & get paid, without feeling attached to your phone 24/7. You can join here.

FOUR // Identify a specific cross-selling opportunity, preferably related to a best selling product

Why this works: You’re leveraging the interest you have on your top selling products (hi point one!) and showing customers how to further solve their problem, get closer to a desire, or is just forking cute together. it’s giving value. it’s giving effortlessly increasing revenue by 20%* (*McKinsey case study)

The truth is — there’s A LOT of different ways to make more sales (that have nothing to do with ‘post more’).

Use this as your permission slip 📄(that you don’t actually need) to stop letting random advice on the internet send you in seventeen different directions… … even mine 🙃

Until someone is *in* your business — it’s just that: advice

I could shout 17 different ways to ‘make more sales’ at you, but:

  • Is it what your business needs, rn?
  • I s it taking advantage of your biggest opportunities?
  • Is it actually the best or easiest path to get you that result?

The advice (that you should actually take lol) 👉🏼 get all up in your own business, identify the opportunities, and prioritize your next best step.

You’re the expert of your business, it’s safe to trust yourself.✨

And if you want a partner in reaching your goals, pull up a chair ac slater style and let’s chat!

There’s a few different programs depending on your goals, you can fill out this application & I’ll get back to you on finding the best next step for your business.



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