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3. start connecting with your audience (yay!)

And because you're in the retail biz...

You know it's never too early to start holiday prep.

Take the stress out of planning holiday Instagram content. And start jumping like Buddy the Elf with over 40 holiday prompts, created specifically for product shop owners, like YOU.

Imagine writing your holiday content with ease…

With more than 40 prompts to choose from (plus bonus ideas, examples, and inspiration), it is so possible for you.

And not just any old content – but content your audience will LOVE and connect with.

And all those hours saved? Means YOU get to spend more time with family, making cookies (eating said cookies), and serving your customers well.

What’s Inside:

  • 40 Content Prompts (Specifically for Product Shops)

  • Best Practices + 4 Tips for Writing Better Captions

  • Ideas and Examples of Prompts in Use

  • Bonus Tips to Get the Most Out of The Prompts (many work well for Stories or email content too!)

  • A Few Bad Jokes From Yours Truly 🙂


Ready to start easily creating content? (so you can, ahem focus on the other hundred things you need to do)

Once you put this guide into action...

these are the kind of results you’ll experience 😍