cut through the noise.


The ultimate marketing roadmap to build momentum and confidently reach your next level sales goals.

You know Q4 is your time.

Customers are actively out there, wallets open, ready to buy.

Hello motivated buyers? COME ON IN. We welcome you with open arms.

They have a list of people to shop for, holiday events to prepare for, and they are looking to

You also know you have what it takes to create a wildly successful holiday season.

  • you? endlessly creative + hardworking
  • your product? top notch quality👌🏽
  • your customers? in 5-star love with your brand

… so why does it feel like you have to scream to cut through the noise or like you’re just muddling through a big promotion?

You may have even convinced yourself you’re part of that noise… believing you have to shrink down and not sell too much.

But what if all that was missing was a way to package up how you sell your next product launch or offer in a way that feels good — for you, your customers, and your bank account.

Imagine customers dropping in with those “how can I buy this?” DMs *before* you even go live… and creating momentum for each event with a playbook of launch strategies to guide you into hitting your sales goals with confidence?

because customers are out there… and your business is ready for more.

if you feel like you’re just piecing together a plan. or you start to stress sweat at the thought of launching… know this doesn’t have to be you →

There’s a way for you to simplify your marketing + get the results you want, without complicated overwhelming plans.

As a product shop owner, you’re already doing the work of 27 elves.*
(don’t quote me, but also, how many do you think you’re covering for?)

…which is why it can feel easier to say “It’s fine, I’ll wing it”.

But you’ve worked hard all year.

Your business deserves to end this year as strong as that coffee you’re drinking.

*which reminds me, maybe take a sip of water. let’s level out that caffeine buzz*



I crushed my two day sales goal in 5 HOURS.
Happy to report that I crushed my two day sales goal in 5 HOURS.
- @terranmade
gave me confidence that it's OKAY TO SELL
Seriously, the whole thing is GOLD. I loved hearing your explanation of things and being walked through the system - it gave me confidence that it's OKAY TO SELL.
- @localstature
I feel more in control of my sales now!
I went from feeling totally crappy about this holiday to pulling myself together courtesy of you. I feel more in control of my sales now!
- @maragolddesigns

You're ready for this.


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of ‘creating a marketing plan in advance’….

This is for you.

You’re a one-person shop or have a small team, so planning what you’ll say next week (let alone next month?!) is, not unlike our coffee – a v tall order.

So in case no one’s told you, you don’t need to have ev.ery.thing. planned out and created.


WHAT you need is:

– an understanding of how humans buy (way more useful than your college psych101 class)

– a high level overview so the content you spend time creating drives sales

– an easy to follow plan, so you can confidently show up each day

– a dash of support + accountability to keep you moving forward

Holiday Promo Playbook

The exact framework to elevate your promotional strategies, create replicable launch plans, and build momentum that has your audience running to checkout.

You’re ready for a marketing plan that consistently drives sales.

With the Holiday Promo Playbook you’ll create a rinse + repeat system you can leverage again and again.

HPP connects the pieces so your content takes your ideal customer through each stage of the buying journey, which means when you launch… they’re bought in + excited for your offer.



– You knew exactly what to say to get those coveted “how do I buy this” DMs (before you even go live)

– You felt confident showing up on Instagram, kiss the daily overwhelm goodbye

– You have an engaged audience that’s paying attention + waiting to hear about when they can! (no awkward salesy feelings here)

What to Expect

let’s take a peek inside…

4-Phase Framework

THE backbone of the program. Selling isn't just what happens when you ask for the sale or run a promotion. It's the whole process leading up to + after that ask. When done well, the "sale" simply becomes an invitation to take action -- and that's exactly what you'll get when you apply the framework.

High Level Roadmap

Give yourself a direction to move in with a high level marketing roadmap. You'll see the big picture + how to stack your offers as the season gets into full swing.

Content Plan by Phase

Here we'll tap into why consumers buy, with brainstorm questions specific to each phase. You'll uncover exactly what your brand needs to communicate, + come away knowing what content you need - and when.

Done For You Promo Calendars

Monthly calendars planned out just for you. You'll see the phases in action + how to flow between events. Swipe exactly as is or use as a jumping off point to create your own content plan.

Content Timeline

17 days mapped out by yours truly - exactly what to communicate on your Instagram feed, Stories + emails for a core promotion. This is where we drill down from the high roadmap > to content plan > daily content pieces.

Over 50 Content Prompts

With these not-your-cookie-cutter prompts, you'll never run out of things to say. No matter how busy you get, you'll have a go-to list, broken out by category to give you peace of mind + a consistent online presence.

Plus, join before 11/15 to secure your bonuses


2 email check-ins with Kate for extra support + accountability as you put the framework into practice. Email check ins are within the first 30 days. You will receive emails from Kate one week + three weeks in.

Over 20 Reels Ideas + Audio

Get the most out of your content creation - reels are currently hot hot hot, so let's take advantage! Mapped out by phase, you can swap out a regular post or post in addition to for maximum exposure + opportunities to attract new customers.

You deserve to end the year with a bang

this season could send you flying into 2023

What you get…

  • 50 page Holiday Promo Playbook workbook
  • 5 Video Lessons (total of 45 minutes)
  • Done For You Promo Calendars + Content Timeline
  • Promo Checklist + Support Worksheets
  • Lifetime Access to Course Portal for Easy Reference

Oh, and let’s not forget the bonuses…
Bonus #1:  Two Check Ins with Kate, via email
Bonus #2:  Over 20 Reels Ideas + Audio, tie back into content phases


the topics

the reviews

holy cow! she helped me double my revenue in just a few months!
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you may be wondering...

This is a self-paced program. We all learn and work at different paces, however it was designed with you in mind.

If you currently feel short on time, the videos run just 45 minutes in total and it is incredibly focused on implementation + action steps.

You’ll learn the why behind each strategy and then be able to immediately implement.

You can jump in and watch the framework overview, then come back to the individual pieces for each promotion or launch to guide your creation.

In the long term, you’ll gain time back as the content you create converts, a daily plan of action reduces overwhelm, and you have a rinse + repeat strategy instead of starting from scratch.

It’s so helpful to know what works for you. If having flexibility is a priority for you, you’ll likely find a roadmap incredibly freeing.

With a high level view, you can see all the pieces as levers to play with instead of set-in-stone must do’s. You’ll have an easy starting point each day of “what” to share without feeling boxed in.

And when you know what to share, you gain more freedom in how you share it, what content you want to create, + when you make it.

Yes. No matter what you offer, this can work for you. That’s the beauty of a framework vs. a cookie cutter launch plan.

It’s designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of your business. And there are examples of what that looks. Whether you’re doing a big launch with a longer lead up, a short promotion, or juggling a few order deadlines – this can work for you.

Great question! Yes, the Holiday Promo Playbook is designed to help you uncover what’s important to your audience, not push any particular message.

Consumer spending is up for a variety of reasons during Q4, and are still very much shopping for themselves and their usual wants.

If your products don’t naturally lend themselves to the holidays, it’s even more important that you have conversations with your customers. So that you can position your product with what they’re looking for.

Upon purchase, you’ll get instant access to the full program.

You’ll receive an email with login access to your dashboard; which hosts the workbook, lesson videos + all done-for-you resources.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive two check in emails from Kate during the first 30 days for extra support + accountability. 

The Holiday Promo Playbook is a self-study program.

The email check-ins are directly with Kate if you secure the bonuses.

There is an option to upgrade to VIP for customized 1:1 support on your strategy. More details and investment options below to get started.


Ready to Begin?


Self-paced PROGRAM

  • Get started today with:
  • The 4-Phase Framework + High Level Marketing Roadmap
  • Content Plan Structure, so you know what to say - and when
  • Done For You Promo Calendars, to swipe as is or make your own
  • 17 Day Content Timeline, so you can see the phases in action
  • Over 50 Content Prompts, never run out of things to say

Upgrade to VIp:
sales planning workshop

  • The full system, planning process, and resources of the HPP program, plus:
  • Customized 1:1 feedback on your strategy to optimize sales
  • Two consulting calls to uncover specific opportunities for your business
  • Slack support between calls + two weeks of implementation


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i’m kate. retail buyer turned product marketing coach

As a small shop, I believe you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… so, let’s level the playing field.

Obsessed with using strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods to get you money-making results; and help you show up online with confidence.

I’ve helped hundreds of product shops create content that does more than check a box, or just stop the scroll.

If you’re here – you know that we create content that sells.

You had me at coffee buzz. LET'S GO

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