You've heard "use hashtags" on instagram more times than you'd like

Yet it seems like they just don't work for you... it's frustrating! You're starting to feel a little over it with Instagram; I mean, how much time + energy can you put in each day without seeing a return?!

I know you know you should be using hashtags. (you know?)

So why aren’t they working for you?

No matter how many you post or how often you change them up — you get nada. No crazy jump in followers or likes.

When you ask a question or for feedback — forget it, it’s a straight up field of crickets (ohhh I’ve been there).

And when you finally DO get someone to comment, it’s either junky spam or from other makers + shop owners (who are totally delightful! but not your ideal customer)


There’s A LOT of confusion and bad advice and outdated ideas of how to use hashtags for business… and not just any business. But exactly for you: the makers, creative shop owners, and Etsy sellers.

  • Should I use all 30 or is that spammy?
  • Can I use the same ones? How can I constantly keep up with new ones and not waste time when posting?
  • How big is too big or how small is too small for a hashtag’s post count? (or even just – what do you mean by that?)
  • How do I find my actual customer? I’m tired of the pointless comments or total lack of engagement.


Which is why I created the Hashtag Discovery Workbook. 

I want to show you:

  • why setting goals for your Instagram account will determine the people you attract (and the hashtags to use)
  • my three step approach for finding where your customer hangs out
  • that finding genuine customer relationships can still happen on Instagram
  • how to save time by categorizing your hashtags
  • how to land in the top 9 posts of a hashtag feed, aka the “top post” magic, for maximum exposure + working WITH the algorithm
  • Plus 
    – 4 key tips for using hashtags effectively
    – 3 ways to use a branded hashtag to grow your brand
    – a daily hashtag list for each day of the week + how to use them to your advantage


Stop the confusion and start connecting with your ideal customer. 

Let’s get you found on Instagram today.

What if you could…

  • Attract the right customers to you naturally…

  • Create a system that grows your following on autopilot…

  • Get back to doing what you love: creating + curating your shop!

Hashtags are the easiest + fastest way to get found on Instagram.


I’m so excited to share the Hashtag Discovery Workbook with you.

As an online shop owner, etsy seller, or small business, my guess is you didn’t start your girl boss dreams with hopes of planning marketing content day after day.

In this workbook, we’ll identify your ideal customer, find them (so they can find you), and set up systems to streamline your posting process on Instagram so you get found.

I created the Hashtag Discovery Workbook specifically for shop owners like you!

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*****This is a downloadable PDF file, not a physical workbook.*****

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You're the best. Seriously, you have single handedly changed how I do business and use Instagram.
Karyn Astleford
Siggi Clothier

Dig deeper on Instagram

Instagram. That fickle fickle beast.

Before we go blaming the algorithm, let’s take a deeper look at your foundation. Is it truly ready for “growth hacks”? 

Or do you first need to take a step back and figure out how to connect + convert your customers? THEN focus on growth.

If you’re struggling with the platform or feeling unsure how to finally talk to and convert your followers to customers, you’re in the right place!

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Take the 'find your feed' 3-day challenge

We often know how we wish our Instagram accounts looked, but there’s a disconnect between what we want and what we think we’re capable of creating.

Which is why I created the Find Your Feed Challenge.

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