Grow Your Handmade Shop – Maker’s Biz Summit 2018


Grow Your Handmade Shop – Maker’s Biz Summit 2018

Have you ever wanted to sit down and chat with other successful product shop owners and marketing experts so you could figure out how to grow your handmade shop?

I meannnn, yeah. Who woudn’t?!

If so, you’re in luck!

My friend Deborah of founded and hosts an amazing (free) event called the Maker’s Biz Summit. It’s in its second year and back with all new content and sessions! Thirty product shop owners + experts are sharing their best tactics + strategies all focused on helping you grow your handmade shop online.

And while it’s primary focus is “handmade”, do not run away if you’re an online shop! There’s still some serious info packed away that you can apply to your business.

And guess what…

I’ll be one of the speakers!


Here’s to ripping off all the “I’m terrified of video” bandaids and jumping ALL in.

If you’re already on my email list, then you’ve likely heard I’m actually taking part in the Maker’s Biz Summit this year!

I recorded an interview/workshop style session with Deborah that focuses on How to Naturally Sell on Instagram and Work ​with ​the Algorithm.

Yes, WITH it – that’s not a typo 🙂

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • where Instagram is at today

  • how the algorithm works + why it’s actually beneficial

  • the 3 things Instagram is to your audience

  • and the one thing it isn’t!

  • from the user perspective:

    • what content to share

    • how to get found with the right hashtags

    • how to increase engagement


This was such a fun training to put together and I shared alllll my thoughts on where Instagram is at today, what I really think of the algorithm, how to find success by approaching Instagram from a user’s perspective and so much more! (Ya know, like, how to increase engagement, what to talk about in your captions, and make sales!)

You can sign up for the free event here!

 I’m an affiliate for the Maker’s Biz Summit, but I wouldn’t have even agreed to be a speaker if I didn’t fully trust in the value Deborah’s put together for this event.

If you’re curious how an online summit works or what the heck it is… let me tell ya.


But first, I think it’s important for you to know I thought I’d never do one of these. They usually ask a lot of the presenter, expose their audience (that’s you guys) to a lot of unwanted extra communication, and are full of high pressure sales pitches.

However when the host, Deborah from Tizzit, reached out to me I knew this one was different.

I respected her approach to it — valuing quality of content shared by presenters, instead of just focusing on whether they had a “big email list to promote the event”; and I already followed her work and liked how she taught her audience.


So I swallowed my fear of being on video and blindly said yes to the opportunity.

And I’m REALLY EXCITED I did because I’m super pumped to share this with you and you guys were always in my mind.

This presentation is for you – for every question, concern, or confusion surrounding “cracking the Instagram code” and the frustration I see around the number of “hacks” and “tricks” that are thrown at you.

My session will be live on March 18th at noon CST and can be watched for up to 48 hours after (all for free!).

And mine is only ONE of the awesome sessions available – you can see more below.

So, what is an online summit?

An online summit is a virtual conference centered around a particular industry or topic. It’s full of practical workshops, pre-recorded interview series, live sessions and Q+A.

The Maker’s Biz Summit is a free 7-day event (March 12th-March 18th) aimed at helping makers and product shop entrepreneurs build and grow successful and profitable shops.

Deborah, the host of the event, created this event to give those who can’t travel to conferences that same opportunity to get the help + support they deserve. It’s all about making information more accessible to you!


How does an online summit work?

This summit is 100% online, totally free to attend live, and organized like a course (step-by-step) to give you the blueprint to selling your product successfully online. Plus you’ll have access to watch any session up to 48 hours after it goes up.

Over 30 experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs are sharing their best strategies and it covers a range of topics focusing on helping you reach 3 main goals:

Getting started with a strong foundation

  • creating products + collections
  • pricing + pricing
  • choosing your shop platform + building your shop
  • organizing finances
  • branding + product photography

Getting traffic to your shop

  • how to create your own traffic plan
  • how to use social media to increase traffic + sales
  • how to use paid ads + SEO tips
  • strategies for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (hi that’s me!)

Getting sales (the money, honey!)

  • turning shop visitors into customers
  • using email marketing to convert
  • sales and conversion strategies
  • how to conduct an Etsy shop audit
  • photography tips to improve sales
  • social media + retargeting and more!


If you want to watch (all for free), you can sign up to get full access to the summit. (My session goes live on March 18th at noon CST!).

Plus, you’ll get your free playbook that takes you through the 3 main phases of selling handmade products online successfully that the event will cover:

  1. How to build a solid foundation for your online shop
  2. How to bring traffic to your store
  3. How to turn that traffic into sales


If you’re struggling with any of these 3 areas, then you can download your free playbook here and see which sessions you’d like to schedule in and attend! From social media, to paid ads, SEO, photography workshops, marketing and traffic strategies, and SO much more, this guide will take you behind the scenes of the 7-day event.

You’ll discover the strategies that 30 successful shop owners and handmade business experts have used to build successful and profitable handmade shops.

This summit was first held last year and now Maker’s Biz is back with an entirely new program focused on helping you sell your products online (so if you participated last year – know that it’s been revamped!).

Don’t miss out… Grab your free Maker’s Biz Playbook.

So… will I see you there?!

Curious who else will be presenting?

Check out the full roster here!

(hint: there’s some seriously successful ladies, I’m more than a little humbled I get to present with them during this event)


How to Make the Most of an Online Summit

Online summits can sometimes be really overwhelming. I’ve signed up to watch summits in the past and at times I didn’t even want to sign up for them because there’s SO MUCH info coming your way.


But the great thing is, you probably don’t need all the topics. You can go through and just pick the 3-5 that are absolute areas of focus for you.

Don’t get overwhelmed with everything you *could* learn and instead focus on your top priorities to get the most out of the event.

  • Want to learn more about bookkeeping? (hello tax season!) Great – put that session down in your calendar.
  • Want to learn more about Facebook or Pinterest ads? They got you covered. Schedule those 2 sessions in.
  • Want to learn how to naturally sell on Instagram + work with the algorithm? YAY. I got you covered there! (and like, could use your support as this was for a newbie!!)
  • And I know many of you have been talking about email marketing. There’s a whole session on that too!
  • Plus there’s branding, product photography, Etsy shop critiques, and so much more.


But if there’s a lot of sessions you want to watch or need more time to execute, don’t let the opportunity to learn from an amazing group of experts pass you by and send you back into Google search la la land.

Instead, you can upgrade for a seriously low price and cut your learning curve to finally get ahead this year!


What do you get if you upgrade?

In full transparency, there IS an upgrade option that’s presented when you sign up.

This event is completely free. Seriously. No strings attached. You can watch all the sessions once they go live + up to 48 hours after each.

But, if you know you want to watch more sessions then you’ll have time that week or there’s a few sessions you’re interested in, but not quite ready for; you’ll be offered a chance to upgrade to the all-access pass. No pressure to do it, just an option. I am an affiliate for this, but hey, if I didn’t support it – I wouldn’t have participated as a speaker!

Right now, it’s priced at a really great early bird deal of $97 (and if you sign up and are interested, there is a further limited time discount).

Here is where I usually say ughhh to the all-access pass at other summits. But like I said, Deborah isn’t just your average host and she somehow wrangled many of the presenters into adding bonuses for that pass.

So if you choose to upgrade, you not only get unlimited access to each session; but you also get a serious amount of extra trainings, workbooks, etc. worth over $1,000. (For example, I’m giving my Hashtag Discovery course away for free if you upgrade. It’s a $30 value so right there you’ve covered like 30% of the early bird price.)

I won’t say this is a no-brainer, but the early bird price is steeply discounted at just $97 ($67 at a limited time through my link).

So, what else do you get if you don’t “just get the videos”?

You’ll also get access to the Maker’s Biz mastermind community, live Q+A, plus exclusive bonuses from the speakers that add up to over $1,000 in value!

  • Lifetime access to 30+ hours of expert sessions videos and practical workshops ($2,297 Value)
  • All recordings in MP3 format ($197 Value)
  • The Maker’s Biz Mastermind Community ($197 Value)
  • 2 Live Group Q&A Coaching Sessions ($497)
  • Exclusive bonuses and resources from our experts and partners (adding up to  $1000+ in discounts and free material that you would normally pay for)


I’m really excited to be part of this amazing week of training! If you have any questions on how the event works, just leave a comment below or send me an email:



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