Develop a cohesive visual plan for your Instagram feed ✨

Attract your ideal customers with a feed that stands out.

We often know how we wish our Instagram accounts looked, but there's a disconnect between what we want and what we think we're capable of creating.

Which is why I created the Find Your Feed Challenge.

In 3 days we'll discover what you're drawn to, how it fits within your own brand, and create a plan to put your new feed into action.

Let's get started (it's free)!

Just wanted to thank you for the challenge. You could easily charge money for that incredible info you shared. It is going to help me so much in my attempts to conquer IG for business. - Chloe, @woodn_au

I want to learn more!

Find Your Feed (finally!)

At the end of 3 days, you'll walk away:

  • with a clear vision of your feed's brand colors
  • knowing the exact types of images you want to create
  • with your own 9-grid template to follow

Thank you so much for offering so many great resources! I just completed the Find Your Feed yesterday, and it revealed so much about myself and my new brand. (By the way, I love the conversation style of your emails and posts. It's like I'm getting texts from a close friend!) - Becky, @zelliecreative