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Starting + running a business can get expensive.

Which is why I want to point you to the best resources out there AND help you save money by sharing their current discount offers.

This page will be updated with the most current offers, discounts, promotions – you name it.

And I’ll only point you to the resources I wholeheartedly recommend, use and love!

I am an affiliate for some of these resources, which means if you sign up or make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
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Ahh ConvertKit.

The easiest way to target your customers so you can create meaningful offers that meet their specific needs.

Customer clicked your link about new arrivals? Perfect, you can send them a follow up email with more value + a product review to encourage them to purchase.

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This is a free guide from Lena with 3 tips you can start implementing today.

They’ll help you increase your traffic, and therefore your revenue, help your readers with their problems, and get your content shared more often!

Lena Gott wrote the book on growing traffic (quite literally).

She grew her blog from 17k to 350k page views A MONTH and now is back with more updated strategies and SEO help since she now hit 400,000 page views a month!

I purchased her guide last year and after implementing just a couple of her strategies (specifically #8,13, and 20), I saw immediate growth and one of her tips is directly responsible for my number one pin + post that typically is my number one traffic driver each day.

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