Stop writing boring captions.

Do you feel stressed out over what to say on Instagram, how to "sell" without feeling weird, and worry about the algorithm's every-changing mood?

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In less than 10 minutes, you could be writing Instagram captions that convert with ease (think words flowing like wine)

How to put the 'fun' back in Instagram: (Instafun?)

  • Don't start from scratch each day (you'll instantly feel less stressed)
  • Start conversations your audience wants to be part of (making you memorable)
  • Create a space that earns comments (which boost you within the algorithm!)
  • Steal my conversation starters - 30 prompts specifically for online shops + Etsy sellers

(and these aren't like your regular prompts. they're legit good.)

A whole month planned?! Done + DONE. 🙌🏻

Swipe 30 Instagram conversation starters.

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And these prompts aren't one and done.

They can be used again and again. Simply re-work and share once a month, every month, if you want!