How to Convert Instagram Traffic to Sales and Visitors in ONE Click


How to Convert Instagram Traffic to Sales and Visitors in ONE Click

We’re all a little frustrated with the single Instagram link in bio. We ALL want to use it more and run around saying “see the link in bio” in all of our posts. Except then what happens when a new visitor comes along and wants to find that amazing product from 5 posts back?


YOU GUYS – There’s a fix for this.

This almost feels like a HUGE secret, except it isn’t and I’m so excited to share it with you!

One of the biggest complaints about Instagram is that it can be hard to get people back to your site or shop, am I right?! They only give you one measly link in your profile so you’re either stuck with a general landing page or constantly updating to reflect the newest item or topic you’re discussing in each post. And since we all know we should have a call to action (CTA) in our posts to help drive traffic back to our site, we’re in the constant game of updating to a new link or recent campaign. Not only is that a little time consuming and tedious, but it’s also a bit of a pain when followers find a past post and your link is no longer relevant to that call to action.

So what if I told you there’s a way that you’ll never need to update your link again. Set it once…and forget about it. PLUS, you’ll be able to direct traffic to the exact links, product pages, or email sign-ups that you mention in posts whether you shared the post yesterday or 2 months ago.

WHATTTT you say??!  Yes, yes way rosé.

Instagram Link In Bio: Convert instagram traffic to sales and visitors - make instagram convert for your shop or blog - TheShopFiles

How to Convert your Instagram Traffic to Sales, Visitors, or Email Subscribers in ONE Click

*drum roll please*

So, what’s the easy way to get Instagram followers over to your site, blog, or shop?

Have2HaveIt – a platform that helps you convert Instagram traffic into actual sales, visitors or email subscribers in one easy click. This tool creates an Instagram specific landing page where your curated posts become clickable images, sending each to a specific link that you set.

See it in action on my page here!

What do you think? Pretty awesome, right. This tool allows you to leverage the only clickable link in your profile to easily generate sales and traffic to specific links on your site. 

Additional Benefits of an Instagram Link in Bio Tool:

  • Track your conversions – set up your shop to track customer spending that’s directly tied to the conversion coming over from Instagram
  • Track your referral traffic – no need to use or other tracking systems, all referral traffic will now appear under the site of the tool you use
  • Makes it easy for your customers to shop – the landing page has a look and feel similar to Instagram so its a seamless experience and allows them to quickly browse to the exact image they’re interested in, click through, and bam! they’re at the exact shop page or blog post that you’re talking about in your post! No registration or waiting for emails to come through
  • Scheduling App – scheduler directly integrates with the link creation. Simply schedule your posts as usual: select your image, write the caption, and if you want to include a link, paste into the “Add Link” section. The rest of the scheduling operates the same as the Later app, which sends you a notification when your post is ready to share. Once posted, the image will automatically appear on your Have2HaveIt landing page and be a ready to shop/click/read post!
  • Showcase multiple products or links per image – you can include links to all products shown in your posts and even include extra thumbnail images. You can even provide product names and descriptions to help the customer out more before they click
  • Little to no additional work on your end – simply add the link to the caption of the Instagram image if using the scheduling tool or paste into the tool for each corresponding IG post
  • Clean + simple captions – unlike some other sites where you have to add to your caption, Have2HaveIt keeps it all on the backend, embedded into the post.
  • Collect customer information – able to ask customers to sign up with Instagram handles, emails, and add customers to your newsletter directly from the landing page
  • Easy to start with a robust full library – Retroactively go back and add links to older posts to expand your landing page

Start your free (no credit card required) 30-day trial today. Pricing varies based on number of monthly clicks received. After the trial period, 0-50 clicks per month are free! 50-499 clicks are $5, and the pricing goes up from there; which by then I think you’d have a good handle on its effectiveness to decide if it’s right for you and cost effective for your business.

If you sign up, tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see how you’re using it and making this work for your business.

I also wanted to share there are two other services that use similar systems to create a landing page; however I found the dashboard and features of Have2HaveIt to be the best experience for me.

Later (previously Latergramme) came out with their feature which also allows you to add links to individual Instagram posts if you schedule through Later (similar to how Have2HaveIt works). Whether you want to work with one over the other will come down to the number of clicks you’re receiving or expect to generate. Have2HaveIt is more cost effective if you’re starting out as the Later tool is only available on paid plans which starts at $19/month.



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