*exclusively for product businesses*


your high-converting content system to effortlessly stay top of mind, build a community, and grow your sales in less time

If you run a product shop and want to grow your sales + engagement – I’m pulling up a chair AC Slater-style bc we need to talk…

You’re likely here bc you want to grow your business using Instagram (smart), and something feels off.

You can’t quite put your finger on it… you’ve read all the top hacks. You know to give value, be consistent, focus on community first… you’re even making reels.

Yet, it’s like nails on a chalkboard trying to come up with what to say.

Or when you do get a great idea, the sales… not so much.

And you may be thinking, “It’s me. I’m doing something wrong.”




First, let's see if any of these ring true...

You feel LOST. You could recite every hack + tip on “how to grow on Instagram” but there’s so many choices. So many experts. Not to mention so many trends + new features. You’re willing to try new things, but you’re looking for the payoff to be more than views + engagement (hello sales? it’s me)

You feel OVERLOOKED. You’re tired of justifying your small business, your prices, and your values. You know your product is amazing, but it feels almost impossible to get noticed if you’re not a full time content creator. And you already have a full time job (in fact, you’re probably juggling 20 of them)

You feel OVERWHELMED. You know consistent content is the name of the game, but coming up with ideas day after day… there’s only so many ways to say ‘cozy sweater. soft sweater. little ball of fur.’ and you’ve used them all. You tried caption prompts, but most days they still leave you scrambling and don’t quite fit what you’re trying to communicate.

if you put your hands up
miley cyrus,

it’s time for a new approach.

bc here’s the truth:

amazing customers who respect + celebrate small businesses are out there… but you’re leaving money on the table because your content isn’t talking to THEM.


The problem is most coaches approach Instagram in a way that leaves product businesses behind, frustrated, + burnt out…

  • “tell your story”
  • “don’t sell too often, no more than 20%”
  • “just share your life”
  • “start with a big brain dump”
  • “show your behind the scenes”

…bc they’re not mentioning this one *tiny* detail.

^ that approach? It works because you as a business owner see yourself in them. the struggles, the pain points, the dream lifestyle.

but most of your customers are not small business owners like you. they have their own problems + desires, and are looking for something to bridge that gap.

an important detail, no?



It’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed and oh.so.OVER.IT.

time to say hello to a new approach to content

One that speaks directly to ideal customers, positions you as a go-to brand, and shares the heart behind your small business.


1. To get your business known for something, so your audience sees you as a trusted go-to brand + can easily refer you to others

2. To create a space your customers feel welcomed in + a part of, where they feel you understand what they really want

3. To show how your product bridges the gap between where they are, where they want to be, and how they want to feel once there

If you’re serious about attracting customers, not just an audience, then you need more than the generic advice telling you to
“be consistent, share your story, and nurture first”.

inside Content Catalyst, you’ll have a system to:

build brand recognition

so you easily stay top of mind + others share your message (word of mouth + social shares? plz + ty)

speak to your customer

so they feel an immediate "this is so me" connection + see how they fit with your brand

post for profit

so you get the results that really matter while growing an active + engaged community of buyers

leverage your content

get your time back with a repeatable framework that also speaks to all buyer types

Every single lesson has been mind blowing
Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Every single lesson has been mind blowing. I've been saying to myself 'imagine where my business could have been if I'd have taken this instead of so many others before."
by far the most helpful marketing/content program I've invested in over the past 5 yrs
"This course has been AMAZING!!! It's been something I looked forward to each week and by far the most helpful marketing/content program I have invested in over the past 5 years I've been in business. I will definitely be going back and watching all of the videos again."
Looking at every aspect of my business through this much clearer lens
Not even exaggerating, this has me looking at every aspect of my business through this new, much clearer lens. I'm confident that once I start putting these systems into practice, I'll not only catch up, but exceed the goals I have for this business.
helping me get out of robot mode!
"The captions you showed as examples and for the audits were so great at helping me to get out of robot mode and try to write more informally (which is something i struggle with) I always sound like a commercial."
more helpful than I had even hoped for!
ACTUALLY planning the month (and knowing HOW) is very satisfying! This course has been more helpful than I had even hoped for! THANK YOU for putting this together."

what makes it different?

Content Catalyst is not an Instagram course.
And it’s definitely not a beginner’s guide.

It’s a customer first approach to your brand’s content strategy that doesn’t depend on the latest algorithm; which means it won’t become outdated next week.

content catalyst is different.


***before you immediately say “WHAT.” and close out of this page… growth CAN happen. It’s just not the core focus + here’s why…

Focusing on growth first is short term thinking.

When every post is measured by “did it get more followers?”, you do more of whatever works to get followersnot what’s bringing in sales + building a customer base.

(ever wake up wondering how you got so many randommm followers? this is one reason why)

When you focus on converting customers first, you do more of what works to get CUSTOMERS.

So once you do switch into growth mode (or a Reel goes viral)… the results you get matter. Results like orders, new customers, returning customers, product reviews, + referrals.

It’s also a huge shift mentally.

When you get results you actually want (sales, happy to pay full price customers, a supportive community)… Instead of chasing results you *think* you want (likes, followers, views)… you feel more fulfilled. satisfied. + encouraged.

and when it’s easier to show up = you become more consistent
when you share consistently = you understand your audience better
when you know your audience = you convert more customers



Imagine If You...

… made more money doing what you love without spending all day chasing likes.

… were able to attract hell-yes customers who are excited to support your business, just by sharing the right content.

… felt confident communicating all the amazing things about your product + brand, in a way that engages your customers too

… had product reviews + shoutouts pouring in from happy customers (word of mouth babbbby)

… were able to become their go-to brand, one that stays top of mind and has an engaged community rallying around it


and you had:

  • a content bank full of ‘omg you’re in my head” ideas that engage + speak directly to your customers

  • a strategic system to align content with your product plans so you consistently reach your sales goals

  • a simple repeatable framework to turn 1 idea into 6-10 pieces of high converting content that speak to all buyer types (way beyond the standard “repurpose” advice you see)

here's how we'll do it

4 week group coaching program


exclusively designed for product-based businesses. while we value inclusivity, this is one area we draw the line. product brands deserve better + need something different. with over 10yrs of hands on experience in corporate retail, this is only for you, the product shops. no second guessing how to apply strategies or being told "it can work for any industry"


weekly small group coaching calls. so you can ask questions + get specific feedback for your business. there's enough copy/paste templates going around, this space was created to fully support you. when you apply the weekly lessons + come prepared to engage and ask questions, you'll walk away with feedback + clear next steps.


flexible curriculum. your time is valuable, new video lessons are released weekly to watch at your own pace, so when we're on calls together, your focus is on making progress + removing roadblocks, not trying to process information for the first time. this is the same foundational info I found most of my 1:1 clients needed, so its now available via videos at a fraction of the cost


worksheets + guides oh my. you'll receive all the printable files and google docs to help you uncover your unique shop strategy, where to source content ideas, an at-a-glance + detailed monthly calendar template, the framework to turn just 6 ideas into a full month of content, and more.

Sounds great, but I need help applying to instagram

you're covered! let's look at these bonuses:

Profile Priming

create follow-worthy first impressions with this 2 step test. plus a breakdown of exactly what to include so that you attract an audience who's buying what you're sellin'

Captions that Convert

the best ideas in the world are just that - ideas. in order to convert, your captions must stop the scroll and get read. we'll go over ways to structure your captions (so they still sound like you) + audit existing to provide tangible examples for your brand

The Fan Method

leverage your time by strategically repurposing your content for maximum impact (and minimum effort), in a way that feels 'like new' to your audience, further establishes your brand, + gets you off the content creation hamster wheel

Sales are a result of knowing your CUSTOMER, not the latest HACKS.

Hacks *optimize* your efforts, they don’t convert on their own.

Inside Content Catalyst, you’ll get:

  • 4 Weeks of Group Coaching, direct support + feedback from Kate
  • The Content Trifecta, to establish yourself as a go-to brand
  • Shop Strategy Session, an over my shoulder look to plan monthly content
  • Calendar Template, the exact at-a-glance + weekly caption plan I use
  • Proprietary Framework, 1 idea = 6-10 pieces of content (beyond repurposing)
  • Accountability, weekly coaching calls and check ins
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials, including future updates
Next Round Starts Monday, July 11th!
Weekly lessons drop each Monday with live coaching calls on Thursday, 11am CST.


the topics

the caption audits/rewrites - holy moly those are helpful!
"If you ever do a course strictly for the caption audits/rewrites - holy moly those are helpful and sign me up! Even seeing other business types, it gives ideas and really brings everything full circle. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this opportunity!!!"
pure gold. wish I had found you thousands of dollars ago
Thanks again for all you’re doing through this course. It’s seriously helping me not only figure out social, but my website and product offerings too. Pure gold. Wish I had found you thousands of dollars and failed plans ago 🤣
the individual help + specific examples helped things finally *click*
"I've taken courses before where i learned a few things but if there was a question it was never tailored to us specifically, it was like here is the method, figure out how to make it work no matter what your business is.​ The individual help you give us, and the specific examples made it finally click"​
by far the most helpful marketing/content program I've invested in over the past 5 yrs
"This course has been AMAZING!!! It's been something I looked forward to each week and by far the most helpful marketing/content program I have invested in over the past 5 years I've been in business. I will definitely be going back and watching all of the videos again."

It's possible for you.

wanna make it a reality?


WHAT you need is:


you got questions...

we got answers

Well, for one – it’s not an Instagram course. It’s a simple approach to your brand’s complete content strategy that doesn’t depend on the latest algorithm + won’t become outdated next week.

This program gives you the foundational framework to align content with your customer’s buying journey… and shows you how to execute ON Instagram so you gain credibility, trust, and engagement; which leads to more sales.

It’s so helpful to know what works for you. If flexibility is important to you, that’s actually why a content strategy will help.

With a high level understanding of your brand + goals, you can easily create content on the fly knowing it serves a purpose.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with login access to your dashboard; which is where all worksheets, lesson videos + any done-for-you resources will be hosted.

You’ll also have access to the member intake form so I can learn more about you + your business!

Week One lessons will be released Monday, July 11th!

*Replays of all weekly calls are available in the event you cannot attend live.

Content Catalyst is a 4wk small group coaching program; all members go through the material at the same time.

The lessons are shared weekly as prerecorded videos, so that you can watch + implement on your schedule.

The coaching calls are live, but will be recorded so you can refer back to as needed (or if unable to attend).

You’re busy. I get that!

This program was designed to be actionable, with the right amount of strategy up front.

Each week’s videos are under an hour, and broken up into shorter segments so you can easily watch one lesson at a time.

The implementation work is up to you, but typically takes an hour or two depending on your familiarity with your brand + how in depth you choose to go.

This upfront work makes all future posts + content easier and more impactful.

The rest of the time is spent doing work you already would do (creating posts, writing captions, etc) with the benefit of having more clarity and a streamlined approach.

Yes! I cannot wait to support you.

The weekly group calls are with me, answering your questions directly.

You will also receive weekly email check-ins for extra support + accountability as you put the framework into practice.

Feeling comfortable in the group setting is extremely important to me. Questions can always be submitted before calls via email if you prefer or know you are not able to attend live.

Exclusively for physical product sellers.

Product shops are all too often overlooked and made to fit general online strategies to their business model.

If you are a shop owner, this space is for you.

Due to the small group nature of the program, I take this criteria very seriously in order to create a space that meets your unique needs as a product shop.

ONE: If you are a…

… coach, educator, influencer, etc – thank you for your interest! This program was designed exclusively for product-based business; and is not a good fit for your business model.

If you sell digital products (mockups, templates, etc) – please contact me first to see if your shop is a good fit. There are other courses I may recommend that would better suit your needs.


TWO: If you expect…

…overnight results or aren’t interested in doing foundational (non-googleable!) work for your business, this will not be a good fit for you. This program requires making decisions in your business, it is not copy/paste templates or done for you captions.

Pure gold.
Thanks again for all you’re doing through this course. It’s seriously helping me not only figure out social, but my website and product offerings too. Pure gold. Wish I had found you thousands of dollars and failed plans ago 🤣

Ready to Begin?



$ 697 (valued at over $1,400)
  • Get your hands on...
  • Content Trifecta Workshop, to establish yourself as a go-to brand ($200 value)
  • TSF Framework: 1 idea = 6-10 content pieces; beyond repurposing ($200 value)
  • Content Audit, to optimize + double down on what's already working ($50 value)
  • Monthly Shop Strategy Guide, to align your content with sales goals ($100 value)
  • Calendar Template, the exact at-a-glance + weekly caption plan I use ($79 value)
  • 4 weeks of group coaching / Q+A calls, for individual feedback ($800 value)
  • Lifetime access to materials, including all updates + additionals (priceless)


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have you heard

the one with the 70% sales increase

I’m kate. corporate retail buyer turned product marketing consultant for small businesses.

four years into my career i was tired. tired of slashing prices. of being told to update products so customers thought they were ‘new’. of competing over pointless features.

until one day i realized “the way we’ve always done it” wasn’t only not working. it wasn’t speaking to our customer at.all.

so i proposed a new shop concept, re-positioned our ad copy, updated in-store displays, + created new packaging…

no new products.  no deep discounts.  no additional exposure.

and these were the results:

SALES:  exploded. up 70% over the prior year

GROSS MARGIN:  up two percentage points (which is huge for a multi-million dollar category)

we sold more bc our customer “got it”.

our profits grew bc we built the value vs. competing on price alone.

all because of MESSAGING.

As a small shop, I believe you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… so, let’s level the playing field.

Obsessed with using strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods to get you money-making results; and help you show up online with confidence.

I’ve helped hundreds of product shops create content that does more than check a box, or just stop the scroll.

If you’re ready to create content that sells… get on the field + letttts go


Your business could be in a totally different place, all from shifting your content

Will it take work? Yep.
Does creating content already take work? Yeah.
Would you rather create content that WORKS? Hellll yeah.