Content Audit

You’ve read all the tips, you know what to do, you’re consistently posting, and yet…

… the results have been so-so.

You feel like you’re doing “everything right” which is incredibly frustrating when you’re going it alone.

That’s where a Content Audit comes in. Get customized 1:1 feedback on your content + captions, so you can create with confidence and get better results.

Let’s identify the opportunities and exact steps you can take for both immediate and long term improvements.


A deep dive into your Instagram account to clarify the opportunities for your content based on your business. Followed by a 1-hour debrief, this audit will give you actionable next steps to move you in the right direction for more engagement and growth.

  • Full audit including caption re-write examples
  • Feedback on editing, text, formats, etc
  • Bio update recommendations
  • Answers to specific questions you submit
  • 1-hour coaching call debrief



  • Once you book, you’ll receive an email with your brand questionnaire + to select your call time.
  • Following the session, you’ll receive a detailed summary of our discussion and clear next steps to move your business forward
  • A video recording of the session will be sent to you via email so you can re-watch as you need

from past clients

Helping me to get out of robot mode!
The audits were so great at helping me write more informally (which is something I struggle with) I always sounded like a commercial [in my captions].
The caption audits/rewrites - holy moly those are helpful.
I just want to hand over all my captions now lol. These caption audits are AMAZING!!

If you don’t know which next step is best for you, reach out to me on Instagram or email at kate@theshopfiles.com.

Let me know where you are at on your business journey and your current goals, and we’ll come up with a plan together to get you to your next level.