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helping creative brand leaders grow their business, without sacrificing time enjoying life offline.

in case you haven't heard -
you are the value.

we make sure your customers see that too.

You’re talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping. You took a small “what if” idea from your head and created a whole damn brand.

You want to build something that goes beyond Instagram and the next social media craze; a business that feels just as fulfilling offline, as it does on. And you’re not interested in watering all that down just to make a quick buck (although we’ll help you make lots of those too).

As the artist, the creative, the founder – YOU ARE THE VALUE.

Our job? To make sure your customers see it too.

We help you uncover your brand’s unfair advantage, and give you the tools + expert eyes so the exact right people tune in, excited to buy.

If you’re ready to unleash your brand’s unfair advantage alongside a proven marketing framework, hey hi hello, that’s what we do.

If product reviews are popping, but you’re still not seeing the sales you want, it’s time to ask: “can my marketing be doing more?’

Marketing should be working 24/7 for you, so you no longer carry the weight alone.

You created your products or launched your shop because you have something to share, and we believe how you uniquely share it matters. Yet, it sometimes feels like you’re standing in a crowded market or screaming into an empty field?

Here’s the ‘big secret’ – YOU have what it takes: the brand story, the incredible products, the customer knowledge. That’s why inside our marketing framework, there’s a focus on you, the founder.

We’re not here to tell you exactly how to show up online and speak to your community. The internet is drowning in sameness.

We’re here to help you package up your brand vision into a marketing strategy that effortlessly connects and converts your dreamiest customers, all without sacrificing your time spent enjoying life offline. 

We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to stuff yourself into to find success.

You can bring your whole self to the table here. (in fact, we prefer it)

"the best in terms of understanding ecommerce and marketing"

“FINALLY. someone who understands product businesses. there are so many experts it’s difficult to sift through the options. kate has completely overhauled my approach and helped me connect with my customers in a way that nothing else has (and I’ve tried it all!) my engagement is up 37% and sales are consistently growing. I hit my last launch goal in just 2 days!”

Ready to pull up a chair AC slater style? (the only way imo)

It's time to increase growth and profits

It's possible to grow without the daily hustle.

As the founder of a growing product brand, you have a lot on your plate (honestly, some days leave you spinning more than the teacups ride). You’re looking for visibility that converts, loyal customers that come back and profitable growth; without the daily content hustle.

If you’re ready to ditch the revenue rollercoaster… I can’t wait to meet you.

how we serve product brands


FOR THE creative leaders

Private Mentoring

While you’re giving your business everything you got, give yourself a supportive space to land and expand (plus tough love if you’re into that).

For the founder craving higher level conversations, structure to move their creative plans forward, and a not so gentle nudge to go bigger and find your way.


In-Demand Brand Accelerator

Imagine: visibility that actually grows your audience, customers who become brand champions, and revenue that scales. All without missing out on life offline.

In this private 4-month accelerator we’ll create consistent growth without the constant hustle or guesswork on your next steps.

You’ll be seen as the in-demand brand you are, create space within your business to support your life, and sustainably bring in more sales, growth, and profit.



Content Breakthrough

We’ll package your brilliance up in a way that effortlessly connects and converts customers while building a community of diehard loyal fans around your product.

Within two weeks, we develop a streamlined ready-to-implement content plan to increase growth and sales so you don’t miss out on the bigger and better opportunities in front of you.

THE STRATEGIC action plan

Marketing Intensive

You work hard while wearing the 17 hats in your business, but you haven’t quite gotten the results you’re looking for.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll lighten your load with direct and detailed support on one main goal of your choosing and you’ll leave feeling confident in your next steps with a clear action plan for implementation.

Don’t let obstacles stand in your way, get eyes on your business so you can confidently move forward.


"Sales are up 71% from last year!! That is HUGE growth."

Before IDB, it felt like my marketing was all over the place! Even though I had a fairly detailed content plan for my Instagram posts, it still felt like there was no common thread among anything.

Now, I know exactly what I need to focus on when it comes to Instagram, Pinterest, and even my email list. Working directly with Kate helped me gain so much clarity in my business.

Sales are up 71% from last year!! That is HUGE growth.

Like, seriously, from top to bottom – I know everything I need to do with my entire marketing strategy, it didn’t just stop at Instagram. IDB helped me learn how to communicate with customers and frame up my offers and messaging to build a more profitable brand.

our most successful clients

Believe their business is meant to support their life, not the other way around. They know the power of organic content marketing and that with the right blend of heart x strategy, they can show up for their brand in a way that feels good — and gets the growth and sales they want.

They take action, focus on community, and carve out their own space online while being willing to experiment + adapt to the ongoing changes.

… they may cuss a little too.

"sold $3,215 on this brand new product in less than a month"

The first reel Kate helped me create has 7,000 views (and growing!), and I made $3,215 in sales on this *brand new* product in less than a month — and with just 2,500 followers.
What surprised me the most about this experience was unlocking how to do product marketing–for real.
I’ve spent thousands on courses over the years (honestly, probably an embarrassing amount!), but nobody really explains product marketing the way Kate does. They just don’t *get* it. Kate does.


by the numbers

see what clients are saying:

“I literally have never made money back so quickly. That mindset shift alone.”

“In the past 30 days, revenue is up 42% from my website and 16% on Etsy.”

“The first reel Kate helped me create has 7,000 views (and growing!) and I made $3,215 in sales on this brand new product as a result with just 2.4k followers”

“My work day now ends at 3pm. I’m working less for the same amount of money I made in 2019/2020”

“ACTUALLY planning the month (and knowing HOW) has been so satisfying”

I’m posting just 3x a week and my website sales are up 14% to the prior 30 days”

“pure gold. wish I’d have found you thousands of dollars and failed plans ago”


Q2 2023

+ 65.7%

website clicks from ig

+ 53%

profile views


avg email open rate


sales increase


increase in engagement


avg email click rate

Are we a good fit?

In short: I’m here for the product bbs.

No second guessing how to apply strategies from other industries.

With over 10 years of corporate retail experience, I’m coming alongside you with a depth of industry knowledge. From curating profitable assortments, developing new marketing angles to increase sales, and successfully launching collections across a variety of product categories (dog beds + pillows were my favorite in case you’re wondering). I’ve been there, done that, and will help you do it too.

I’ve helped over 200 brands build profitable brands that stand out and sell out, without feeling overwhelmed or forced to fit the mold. And can’t wait for you to be next.

I, also, may cuss a little.

– Kate, founder + self appointed HBIC


attracting an audience who ‘gets it’ (bc community >>>>>)

cultivating loyal fans that happily sprint to cart

making sales in a way that feels easy (and dare i say, fun?)

streamlining the creation process to save you time

building a business that works, for you (no bs rules here)

apply now

When you work with The ShopFiles, you’re getting a strategic partner to come alongside you and support your growth + sales. You’re the expert of your business, we’re here to guide you there faster and with more ease.

you can sit with us


Grab a seat and get ready to unlock your next level of sales