Client Case Study: How They Created 30 Days of Content as a Product-Based Business


Client Case Study: How They Created 30 Days of Content as a Product-Based Business

Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would just tell me what to post?”

Imagine waking up knowing exactly what content you’re going to share, how it leads to sales, and then moving on to the stuff you love doing in your business.​

Whether you created the post in advance, or just get to pull up a spreadsheet and execute without overthinking…

It’s a giant relief to have someone tell you what to share every day.

Which leads to my next question…

Have you ever considered that person could be YOU?

That instead of thinking about what to post every day…

You get to simply lean on past you who mapped everything out at a strategic high level, so that current you (or your team) simply trusts & takes action.

When my client V started working with me in the In-Demand Brand Accelerator, her big goals were to:

  • streamline her processes from social media & marketing to customer experience, all the way down to packing & shipping
  • learn to actually take time for herself instead of feeling chained to her desk all the time (bc rest if you’re feeling guilty isn’t rest…)
  • spend more time with her two kids & go on vacation knowing the business is running almost on autopilot while she’s away

Notice any patterns, …or sound familiar?

TIME is a big deal to her.

… spending it well, doing it guilt-free, and enjoying the hell out of it.

So one of our first goals was to map out 30 days worth of social media posts & weekly stories so she could step OUT of the daily content grind, while still showing up strong for her business.

Here’s what we did to help her get ahead on marketing:

1 | Refined her brand position

​In order for customers to clearly see “why you”, you need to know WHAT you want to get known for, so your content effortlessly speaks to the right audience & their needs, wants, and desires.

2 | Identified current gaps & elevated messaging in her content strategy

In her case, there was a huge opportunity for Attraction content that would connect with a new audience, so we identified three rinse & repeat formats to add in weekly, which not only gave her content ideas but a simple system for executing that worked for her.

Then we brainstormed ways to elevate her nurture content to build more trust & brand recognition, improve hooks to grab her ideal customers attention, and mapped out a series with a simple structure and format.

3 | Got crystal clear about her customer’s sales cycle

What do they to hear to move from recognizing a need to placing their order? This helped her map out what content she needs to cover (and when), and then used our framework to put it on repeatable to consistently attract > connect > convert.

4 | Simplified her Stories strategy

That clarity around her sales cycle spilled over to Stories and using our 3-part SOS framework, she was able to identify one big needle mover to focus on each day. She knows exactly what to share and can log off for the day feeling confident her customers & business are taken care of. (ps. you can easily start selling daily on Stories for a fraction of the cost inside the 14-day Serve & Sell Challenge)

Now with a clear idea of what she needs to share to create sales, she was able to batch more videos while her kids are in school, create multiple carousel posts in a sitting, and simply show up on Stories without second guessing so she can move on with her day – or, take the day (or week!) off altogether. She said carving out time for herself on Fridays has been a big game changer for her personal life!

And she’s just getting started. As her new content goes out, she’ll continue to refine & optimize for even better results.

Three things I hope you take away from this client case study:

  1. Get out of the daily weeds. If you want to reclaim your time, you need a way to step up and out of the daily “what do I say”. That thinking is eating up precious time and brain power. Separate the higher level work from the execution, and let current you (or your team) simply show up with the right energy and post.
  2. Foundations matter. It can be tempting to skip straight to “optimizing”, but without a strategy it’s hard to know what to improve and what gaps to fill. If you want better results, you need to know what you’re measuring against.
  3. Get out of your own way. There’s a new tip every day on social media… but that doesn’t mean you need it right now, if at all. Give your strategy time to work instead of stressing yourself out and ping-ponging between different strategies. When you untangle the addiction to “this could be the next thing!” and instead lay down long term strategies while adjusting along the way; that’s where the bigger pay offs begin.

Your content is meant to support your business. It is not your business.

When you focus on your brand message, your customers, and your way of showing up — the results you want will follow.


If you want to turn visibility into sales & grow your audience without losing hours to content creation, the Content Breakthrough is for you.

If you’re growing and your primary goal is to add stability to your business (like more predictable, consistent sales & growth) so you can feel more confident in hiring, investing in inventory, or expanding your product line – I would recommend the In-Demand Brand Accelerator.

Happy to chat about your goals & find the best fit for you, just DM me @theshopfiles on Instagram!


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