Want to make the most of Black Friday?

discover THE shifts to maximize sales this time of year. (no ick required)

Black Friday Your Way

uncover the strategies to get seen, make sales, and increase profit.

There are no rules. Just opportunities to make sales.

you know it's one of the

biggest shopping events of the year

Yet so many small businesses feel pressured to make decisions they don’t align with because they’re playing by an outdated set of rules.

The truth is, Black Friday has evolved along with changing consumer habits. It’s no longer a one day, one weekend, or even one week event.

So while some businesses “opt out” …it’s not something you can really avoid if you plan to sell in November.

And as a small business, that’s actually fantastic news because now more than ever, THERE.ARE.NO.RULES. Only sales opportunities.

So why not take advantage and do ‘Black Friday’ your way?

Inside this training, you’ll discover the biggest shifts + strategies to speak directly to Black Friday buyers, create in-demand offers, and leverage your list to bring in more customers, sales, and profit.

So let’s talk about what’s inside:


The biggest shifts you can make for a more profitable event (this goes beyond the “discount or not” debate)


Who actually buys on Black Friday and how to create messages that speak directly to them


7 Product + Pricing Strategies You can use to Create In-Demand Offers


The exact steps to take to leverage your email list so you stand out in a crowded inbox (with zero icky tactics)

ready to bring in more sales?

Black Friday has changed. And your business gets to benefit.

from past participants

I'm so happy I could be on this workshop, I hope it won't disappear because I want to come back to the video to take notes 🙂
[ps. it won't -- you get lifetime access + future upgrades]
Lots of good ideas and I really like your approach. Thanks for this, lots to think about!
I watched the reply, and even started to watch it a second time to take notes. The workshop is really great, you did it so well and there is much valuable information! I loved it!!!!
I loved that! I love the idea of creating invitations for our audience
YAY! This was SO great and helpful! Thanks Kate
As always, amazing info!! You're my marketing hero, Kate!

Marketing is about CREATING sales opportunities

And there’s no better time than when customers are already in the mood

What if you could add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your business by making a few strategic shifts… Sounds good, right?

The Black Friday Your Way Workshop was designed to help you do just that.
It’s actionable, focused on implementation > overstuffed information to help you discover the sales opportunities that lie within your business.

Whether you’re mostly planned out, have a rough outline, or you’re thinking “oh-shit I haven’t started” — you’ll walk away with a defined strategy you can execute with ease.

If you want to bring in more sales during the holiday season, in a way that feels aligned with your business values + goals, this workshop is for you.


This workshop was recorded live. You are purchasing the replay.

What You Get:

One hour training session

Lifetime access to the recording

The Bonus: Get Seen in the Inbox
(70+ subject lines, campaign tracker, and the optimization checklist)

$77 today ($197 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Exclusively for Product Businesses – no second guessing how to apply generic strategies here.


The training is about an hour, then Q+A


Absolutely! It’s called a ‘workshop’ for a reason. There will be Q+A throughout and a final wrap up. Plan to attend live if you can. You can also submit questions in advance.

To get the most out of this experience, come prepared with the ideas you have so far so during the workshop, you can find ways to optimize your plan, add new strategies, or make adjustments to create more sales for your business.

WILL there be a replay?

Yes, you will receive the recording. Although I strongly encourage you to attend live if possible. This is an incredible opportunity to brainstorm ideas, hear from other product businesses, and get your questions answered so you can move forward.

I’m not technically having a black friday sale… is this for me?

Yes, Black Friday “the day” no longer exists. The competition is now more spread out, so if you  have any type of promotional event in mid to late November… this is for you.


i’m kate. retail buyer turned product marketing consultant

As a small shop, you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… so, let’s level the playing field.

For 3 years, I managed the highest sales-producing Black Friday item for the entire company + experienced pricing and profit strategies at mass retail; and saw first-hand that the math doesn’t always add up to profit.

Which is why we focus on strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods to create more growth, sales, AND profit in your business.

I’ve helped hundreds of product shops create content that does more than check a box, or just stop the scroll. 

You’re ready to stand out and reach your next level of sales.

this is your time.

Ready to end the year strong?