Backdrop Ideas for Instagram Photography Under $25


Backdrop Ideas for Instagram Photography Under $25

Some Instagram feeds just pull you in right away…

While it’s easy to think it’s the main content or subject they focus on, usually its the whole enchilada – the subject and the background that helps it pop and tie everything together. (Plus, it’s one of the steps I go over in how to create a cohesive Instagram feed, so jump over there now – I’ll wait!)

So today we’re discussing how to easily transform your Instagram with seven simple backdrops ideas for Instagram or blog posts, all under $25!

Transform your Instagram in one simple step! Inexpensive photography backgrounds for InstagramThis post may contain affiliate links which means (at no additional cost to you) I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I only recommend what I use + love, thanks for supporting The Shop Files!

Instagram Photography Backdrop Ideas Under $25

1. Poster Board or Foam Board

It’s cheap, easy and requires no work on your end. Yay! These are ideal for creating those coveted clean white backgrounds, since most of us do not work and play on all white only. Or paint a pattern / half board / triangle design to stand out.

Cost: Less than $15 for 3 large foam boards (sturdier) or about $6 for 10 poster boards

(This 10pk of foam boards is a best seller)

Instagram Photography Backdrop Ideas for Under $25

2. Colored + Printed Paper

This one’s also cheap, easy and no work. (See what I’m doing here?) I’ve used wrapping paper, card stock, and printed craft paper. There are tons of inexpensive options on Amazon or check a craft store like Michael’s – can buy individual sheets or a package of 50-100+ sheets.

Cost: Less than a dollar, up to about $15 for a package; plus lots of leftovers so as paper tears or gets stained, you won’t need to reinvest.

3. Art Canvas

While more suitable for up close shots so you can take advantage of the textural detail, art canvas can be a great way to add color and texture to your shot. Paint it, create patterns or leave as is!

Cost: Under $20 for 2pk of 8×10

4. Contact Paper

Might be one of my favorites – ever wonder how EVERYONE has gorgeous marble backdrops?

While some are probably legit counters or small tables and trays; there’s those of us that cheat a little bit. Enter marble contact paper.  I wrapped mine on half a piece of foam board. Boom.

There’s also some amazing wood grain options, like this light gray or light brown.


Seriously, it looks SO good in styled photos. Check out how these ladies used it:

Cost: About $10-$25

5. Textiles

Pick up a tablecloth, cloth napkins, or a favorite material at the fabric store.

metallic placematsstriped fabric / textured wallpaper / striped wallpaper

Cost: This one can fluctuate quite a bit depending what you select, but with a wide range of options that can achieve a similar look, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

6. Rugs + Blankets

Perfect for cozy or eclectic shots, rugs and blankets can quickly add rich texture and depth to your photo making it more interesting.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this faux sheepskin (yes, I know it’s basic AF), but for the price of a couple lattes that cozy touch can’t be beat. Plus, toss it over the back of a chair when not shooting for an easy home decor update.

7. Tile Backdrop

Create a tile backdrop with a few 12×12″ tile squares (options under $25) The little hexagons are one of my favorites and would be perfect for kitchen focused items.

These flat pebbles could also be fun for bath / beauty items to give a spa-like feel.

Cost: widely varies, but $10-$25 is typical

8. Tabletop Surface

If you have an interesting tabletop in your home or office, take advantage (it’s free!). I love the rustic look of distressed wood if it fits your brand as it adds a nice texture.

But if you don’t own a table that fits your look, make your own faux tabletop!  Grab a plank of wood, cut it down to size and nail to two supporting slats. You can paint, distress and create to fit your exact look.

Cost: Free >> up to $25 for lumber + paint.

Shop Talk: Any Instagram backdrop ideas that you would add?

Come find me @theshopfiles and leave your handle below so I can follow you!

Looking to step up your photography?

Aimee Song (the amazing blogger behind the @songofstyle account with over 4.6M followers) wrote this book and it has a specific section on flat lays and product photography so you can try out your new backdrops!


Plus learn from one of the best and take Chaitra’s Iphoneography course. She teaches you how to take amazing, stand out images with no fancy equipment required! Just your iPhone + her photography secrets and you’ll look pro in no time.

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backdrop ideas for instagram photography under $25



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