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Tap into your brand's unfair advantage.

Ready to breakthrough the noise and ditch the daily hustle?

As the artist, the creative, the founder – YOU are the value.

We’re here to make sure your customers see it too.

You started your product business from a creative spark, and a pull towards the lifestyle you crave. You likely didn’t start it to stay hidden away or overlooked in a crowded market.

Tapping into your brand’s unfair advantage is what we do. We help creative brand leaders get their products seen, build a loyal customer base, and grow revenue + profits without sacrificing the life they got started for.

Want to get your product into the hands of more customers?

You're in the right place.

Profitably fun things we can do together:

because you deserve more than views. you want visibility that converts.

1-1 mentoring

a space for founders to flourish with custom support + strategy

While you’re giving your business everything you got, give yourself a supportive space to land and expand (plus tough love if you’re into that).

For the founder craving higher level conversations, structure to move their creative plans forward, and a not so gentle nudge to go bigger and find your way.

In-Demand Brand Accelerator

a holistic marketing strategy and 1:1 implementation support

Imagine: visibility that actually grows your audience, customers who become brand champions, and revenue that scales. All without missing out on life offline.

In this private 4-month accelerator we help you create consistent growth without the constant hustle.

You’ll be seen as the in-demand brand you are, create space within your business to support your life, and sustainably bring in more sales, growth, and profit.

Content Breakthrough

A custom framework and
1:1 content consulting

We’ll package your brilliance up in a way that effortlessly connects and converts customers while building a community of diehard loyal fans around your product.

Within two weeks, we develop a streamlined ready-to-implement content plan to increase growth and sales so you don’t miss out on the bigger and better opportunities in front of you.

The Intensive

a strategic action plan

You work hard while wearing the 17 hats in your business, but you haven’t quite gotten the results you’re looking for.

In this two week sprint, we’ll lighten your load with direct and detailed support on one main goals of your choosing and come up with an action plan for implementation.

Don’t let obstacles get in the way of your growth. Together, we’ll strategize your next best steps so you can confidently move forward.


“You’re the best. Seriously you have single handedly changed how I do business and use Instagram.”



the reviews


i’m kate. retail buyer turned product marketing coach

As a small shop, I believe you deserve to be on the same field as the big guys… so, let’s level the playing field.

Obsessed with using strategic (read: simpler. smarter. saucier.) marketing methods to get you money-making results; and help you show up online with confidence.

If that sounds like fun to you… hey hi, we should get to know each other 👋🏽

@kynyoubelieveit testimonial

“I crushed my previous sales record in 3 hours.”

It has been my most successful launch to date! Within 3 hours I crushed my previous sales record! & I VERYYYY much *know* everything I’ve learned from you has something to do with it!

Thank you for all you do, and for helping me make IG marketing fun! Anyone who says you need a bunch of followers for things is so wrong.


Content Catalyst

Your Instagram Content Blueprint to Turn Likes into Customers

For the product shop owner exhausted by the constant stream of content creation, or ready to level up their existing Instagram content.

Together, we’ll create a clear + easy to replicate strategy in just 30 days

Get Your 5-Step caption formula that Sells

A great photo = likes.
A great caption = sales.

Create sales with captions that speak to the right people + effortlessly convert customers.

free guide!

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