5 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Marketing Strategy


5 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Going out a wild limb here, okay?

​You’re probably interested in 10x your results this year…

…but you’re NOT interested in 10x the time & effort you spend online creating content, yay or nay?

(yeah. our thoughts exactly)

​​So, what’s a busy small business owner like yourself to do?

Enter: a ✨sustainable✨ marketing strategy

One that’s built to support you & your business, instead of chasing Instagram around.

​There’s 5 main components to a sustainable strategy:

1 | Creative Repetition on Lock

About 20% of each month is content that reinforces your core brand messages. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you’re maximizing what matters through recurring, responsive, and series driven content.

2 | Building vs. Posting

Release the pressure that your success hinges on any *one* post. Instead of expecting it to do all the heavy lifting, your marketing is interconnected to support your entire business — and more importantly, the way consumers buy.

3 | Self-Renewing Ideas

Perhaps a fan favorite. The more you post, the more content ideas you gain when you know where to look and how to uncover what’s really being said. Which is also how you start to get comments from your audience with that “you get meee” feeling.

4 | Sexy streamlined systems

Too much? lol… but systems often get VERY overlooked and they shouldn’t be – they’re spicy. Cause you can’t outsource social media help from ideas in your head, and you shouldn’t continue to spend more time than needed creating content.

5 | Diversified Touch Points

Create more stability in your revenue by growing your brand beyond Instagram. Tap into level playing fields (ie. non-algorithm platforms like email) that compound over time. No one trick ponies here, your marketing works together.

​When you have a sustainable marketing strategy, all your efforts start to work FOR you & the snowball effect kicks in… bringing in new sales, growth, and customers faster without relying on you to just work harder.

If that sounds like what you need… that’s exactly what we do inside the In-Demand Brand Accelerator.


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