At The Shop Files, we believe:


In connections > vanity numbers,


Social media success can be simple, not an overwhelming list of to-do’s,


SELLING doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable + slimy
(heck, I might dare say you’ll find it fun!)


We take Taco Tuesdays seriously, love a good Mean Girls quote, and are always up for a bad pun.


I’m SO glad you’re here. Let’s get started!

You’re the knitter, the painter, the candlestick maker.


The dreamer that never sleeps.


(or at least it sure feels like it)


You wake up excited to show your work to the world, but some days you feel like you’re wearing one too many hats… and they’re all facing backwards.



You’re hitting roadblocks. Your traffic won’t budge.


Your Instagram engagement is more like the quiet car, less like Britney circa 2001.



You wonder, Is this as good as it gets?


UH, HECK NO – not for your business.

(but definitely for the Britney jokes)



With the latest strategies for boosting Instagram engagement and using Pinterest to grow your traffic, we’ll get your business moving in the right direction today.

“You’re the best. Seriously you have single handedly, changed how I do business and use Instagram.”

Karyn, @siggiclothier


“After implementing just a fraction of the tips learned in the course, I posted one of my products on Instagram and sold it in less than thirty minutes! I still have people contacting me about that post, nearly two months later.”
Valerie, @bettylupaperie

“It’s giving me ideas for much more than just Instagram. I feel like it’s helping my entire brand take shape in a way that nothing else has helped me to do before.
Shanna, @bristol_and_breve

“I’m LOVING your course! I’ve taken many courses since starting my business including one super expensive one and yours is by far the best in terms of understanding ecommerce.”